Trump Is a Russian Ambassador and Should Be Impeached, 'House of Cards' Creator Says

House of Cards creator Beau Willimon said President Donald Trump was a Russian ambassador and should be impeached in a Sunday Twitter rant.

"We can no longer chalk Trump's foreign policy up to ignorance and incompetence," Willimon, 40, tweeted. "He is willfully attempting a realignment that binds us to like-minded anti-democratic dictatorships to the exclusion of our longest held and most valuable allies."

Willimon claimed Trump was the "most effective ambassador Russia has ever sent to Washington."

Willimon then compared Trump to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. "Trump's real beef with Trudeau is that he is younger, smarter, more experienced, better looking, devoted his adult life to public service and was a winner of the popular vote," he tweeted. "In other words, everything Trump is not."

Willimon was responding to a Saturday tweet shared by U.S. Senator John McCain, who said Trump failing to sign the G-7 agreement impacted the country's allies. The former presidential candidate, 81, argued, "Americans stand with you, even if our president doesn't," Willimon was inspired to speak on the matter by suggesting "only actions, not statements, can stop it."

House of Cards is set to return to Netflix for its sixth and final season in late 2018 but does not have an official release date. The series will continue without Kevin Spacey, who was fired amid sexual misconduct allegations in October 2017. Robin Wright will lead the series, which has received 53 Emmy nominations.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Christine Lagarde, US President Donald Trump and Christine Whitecross are pictured during the Gender Equality Advisory Council working breakfast on the second day of the G7 Summit on June 9, 2018 in Quebec City, Canada. "House of Cards" creator Beau Willimon suggested Trump should be impeached June, 10, 2018. Leon Neal/Getty Images