21 Homely House Plants That Don't Need Much Watering

It goes without saying that all plants need water to survive.

Yet, while many houseplants require frequent watering, but other less thirsty species can go a month or more without irrigation.

Here are 21 houseplants that don't need much watering.

1. Aloe

Aloe vera
Aloe vera plant. klenova/iStock / Getty Images Plus

Aloes can go 3 to 4 weeks without water due to their water-carrying abilities in their leaves. Water it more frequently if growing an aloe plant in full sun.

2. Air Plants

File photo of an air plant
File photo of two air plants. Air plants can grow off of other plants, and often do not need soil. Getty Images

Air plants don't need soil and they can can grow anywhere.

Dunk them in water every 10 days or so, and allow them to dry out in a sunny spot.

3. Begonias

A bunch of pink angel wing begonias.
A bunch of pink angel wing begonias. SULTAN AKHTAR via iStock / Getty Images Plus

In order for Begonias to thrive, the soil must never dry out completely, though overwatering must be avoided as it will cause the foliage to turn yellow and drop.

When grown indoors, the humidity can be increased by using a room humidifier.

4. Cacti

Cactus plants
Cacti are a great option for first-time plant parents. Oli Scarff/Getty

Designed for desert conditions, cacti do really well in arid conditions. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes that you can easily grow in pots.

Cacti site Cactusway recommends "regular fertilizing and watering during the growing season (March to September), so water them at least once a week to avoid them drying out. When dormant, only water if they are completely dry."

5. Cast Iron Plant

Cast-Iron Plant
The cast-iron plant has been described as a "nearly indestructible houseplant." seven75/iStock

Cast iron plants and can survive in dry soil for long periods and need only occasional watering.

Avoid soggy conditions as they are susceptible to fungal issues.

6. Dracanea

Dragon Tree

Also known as the dragon tree, this plant has its origins in Madagascar.

Dracaenas are drought-tolerant and very hardy when it comes to indoor conditions. Perfect for those looking for a first houseplant.

7. Devil's Backbone

A popular house plant that only needs watering every 12 days or so. They do best when in bright indirect sunlight in the hot months and direct light in the colder months.

Gardening Know How recommends to water the plant "when the top few inches (8 cm.) of soil feels dry. Keep it only moderately moist, yet not soggy."

8. Lithops

Also known as "living stones" or "pebble plants," Lithops are stone-like plants with succulent leaves.

They grow slowly and need as much light as possible, but only need water every 30 days or so when the leaves start to sink a bit into the pots.

Home design site The Spruce recommends to water the lithops "on a seasonal schedule that mimics the rainfall they would get in their natural habitat."

9. Orchids

Stock image of orchid
Overwatering is an important thing to avoid when taking care of orchids (stock image used). Getty Images

A flowering plant with colourful and fragrant blooms that are long-lasting.

They only need a quick drink of water every 10 days or so, and are relatively easy to care for—provided they are in a spot with bright indirect light.

10. Ponytail Palm

Ponytail palms is drought tolerant, slow-growing, and requires very little care. When grown at home, water it once every 2 to 3 weeks when the soil is dry.

11. Pothos

Native to the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific, Pothos plants have heart-shaped green leaves.

It is an undemanding plant that grows quickly and needs irrigation only when the soil has completely dried out.

12. Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant
A Rubber Plant, also known as Ficus Elastica, in a white flower pot. iStock / Getty Images Plus/Rorygez Fresh

A fast-growing plant that will thrive in filtered sunlight.

It needs watering once every 15 days, approximately, during the warm months, and once a month during fall and winter.

13. Red Aglaonema

Red Aglaonema produces pretty red-and-green foliage, thrives in bright to low light conditions and can go for a week or more without watering.

14. Snake plants

Mother-in-Law's Tongue
The snake plant also known as "the mother-in-law's tongue" is a hardy yellow-tipped succulent that can grow up to two meters in height. There’s little risk of neglecting this plant as they thrive in dry conditions and prefer not to be overwatered. Getty Images/G.CIGOLINI

Snake plants thrive in warm weather and are drought-resistant. Only water when the soil feels dry.

It is considered an air purifying plant and in winter, it can go two months without watering. In spring or summer, it is best to water the plant every three weeks.

Known for being almost indestructible,it can survive in either bright or dark corners of the house.

15. Succulents

Cacti and succulents sit on a display on Chelsea Flower Show's press day on September 20, 2021 in London, England. Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images/getty images

The instagramable plants of the moment often boast pretty geometric shapes and fleshy green leaves.

Succulents have secret water reservoirs in their leaves, so watering them once a week is enough. Ensure their soil is dry before watering again.

16. Spider Plant

Spider plant
The Spider Plant is a great option for inexperienced plant owners. FeelPic/iStock

A plant you find everywhere as it is easy to care for. The spider plant likes moist but not soggy soil and overwatering can ultimately kill it .

This plant will definitely survive less-than-perfect conditions but avoid placing it in spots of your home with direct sunlight.

17. Sago palm

Sago palm thrives on dry soil and once it establishes a deep root system, a glass of water every 2 to 3 weeks is more than enough.

According to Gardening Know How "during the growing season, they need moderate watering." In dry weather, water "deeply every one to two weeks," it adds.

18. String of Pearls

String of pearls
The string of pearls plant is "extremely easy" to grow. Jessica Ruscello/iStock

A cascading succulent with leaves that resemble (you guessed it) strings of pearls.

This plant is sensitive to overwatering, so check the dryness level of the soil before you water it. It's likely to need watering about every 10-15 days. It grows well in bright light and, when blooming, their white flowers smell like cinnamon.

19. Umbrella Plant

Umbrella plant
Umbrella plant. iStock / Getty Images Plus/Timothy Dranov

This indoor plant thrives in underwatered soil and only needs watering once every 10 to 15 days to keep the leaves green.

20. Zebra Plant

A small-growing succulent that only grows to about 4 inches (10 cm) high.

The zebra plant is very low maintenance and only needs irrigation about once a month or when the soil dries.

21. ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant
The ZZ Plant is "virtually indestructible." OleseaV/iStock

A robust almost indestructible plant, it can be left without water for a month, so it is perfect for those who travel regularly.

It tolerates many light conditions and ideally it should be kept in a spot with indirect sunlight after watering.

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