How to Add Pronouns to Your Instagram Bio

Instagram has introduced a new feature that allows users to include their pronouns in a dedicated space on their profile. It is currently available in a few countries, but Instagram says it plans to expand.

Many users already choose to include their pronouns in their bio to let their followers know how to refer to them, but these had to be written out. Instagram only allows users to write up to 150 characters in a bio, so a dedicated area for pronouns frees up space.

Additionally, unlike with a bio, the new pronouns field includes privacy options.

Add pronouns to your profile ✨

The new field is available in a few countries, with plans for more.

— Instagram (@instagram) May 11, 2021

The new feature has been welcomed by many Instagram-users who reacted to the news on Twitter, though some people were disappointed to find that the feature does not allow custom pronouns as they found that their preferred pronouns were not included on the list. Others found that they could not enter "no pronouns" or "any pronouns."

Instagram told Newsweek: "We tried to include as many pronouns as possible, and will continue to expand the list over time."

In the meantime, find out below how to add pronouns to your Instagram bio.

How to add pronouns to Instagram bio

To add your pronouns to the new dedicated space in your bio, head to your Instagram page and select "edit profile." Here, underneath your username, will be a new field option for pronouns.

The feature allows users to add up to four pronouns to their bio that can be edited or removed at any time. Find your preferred pronouns by typing the first letter and a list of options will appear below, which you can then select. The pronoun will then appear in the box at the top.

There is also an option to make your pronouns visible only to your followers.

Once you have selected your pronouns, select 'done' and you will be taken back to the edit profile page. On your profile, your pronouns should now appear next to your name in a faded grey.

The pronoun and neopronoun options currently include gendered and gender-neutral options, including: she, her, hers, he, him, his, they, them, thon, thons, hir, ze, zir, zie, xe, xem, xyr, fae, faer, e, ey, em, eir, per, pers, co, cos, ve, ver, vis, vi, vir, ne, nir, nirs, nee, ner, ners, mer, and mers.

The feature does not allow users to write custom pronouns, perhaps to prevent users from misusing the feature, so users who do not see their pronouns included in the list of options will have to continue writing them out in their bio for now, or request their pronouns using a form in Instagram's Help Center.

If the option does not appear on your edit profile page, it may not be available in your area yet. The feature appears to be available in the U.S., so if you cannot find the option, check if you need to update your Instagram app.

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