How America is Protesting Michael Brown's Death

People shut down the FDR driveway while protesting a grand jury decision not to indict Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

Across the country on Tuesday, thousands protested the grand jury decision not to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. Many of the protests were organized by the Ferguson National Response Network, which also set up protests in Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan and Norway. Most of the protests were scheduled ahead of time for the day after the grand jury decision was handed down. The decision was not made public under 8 p.m. Monday evening.

On Tuesday night, New York protestors shut down traffic on the Williamsburg Bridge and FDR East River Drive. The Manhattan Bridge was also shut down:

Protestors now on the FDR Drive at the Williamsburg bridge. FDR ia shutdown. #NYC #Ferguson

— New York City Alerts (@NYCityAlerts) November 26, 2014

Houston Street, a major artery in the city, was also blocked:

As was the West Side Highway:

Large gathering blocking west side highway in NYC #NoJusticeNoPeace #Ferguson #JusticeForMikeBrown

— Jews for Racial & Economic Justice (@JFREJNYC) November 26, 2014

Videographer Luke Rudkowski observed: "Fascinating thing about the protest in NYC for Ferguson is that there is no organizer or leader of this protest march."

Just before midnight, about 100 protesters remained in Times Square. One noted that the police looked "bored."

As many cops as there are there are protesters #NYC #Ferguson

— Siddhant Adlakha (@SidizenKane) November 26, 2014

But while officers may have been "bored" in midtown, they were lining up on Centre Street:

In Boston, protestors organized under the hashtag #IndictBoston, marching through the South Bay area. Police officers prevented protestors from entering the Mass Pike, an area highway, with barricades:

Police barricade preventing massive crowd from taking Mass Pike. Protesters sitting on ramp #IndictBoston

— Liza (@lizaveta9) November 26, 2014

Some protestors who managed to enter the exit ramp to the highway were reportedly arrested, including a large group of women.

Inmates in the South Bay House of Correction cheered on the protestors from their cells:

Prisoners at South Bay wrote "Mike" in their window for #MikeBrown #IndictBoston #Ferguson #Boston

— 🌹Eli Gerzon (@eligerzon) November 26, 2014

Some Boston officers supported the protestors and one urged them to keep marching:

The people are so down with this officer. He's asking people to take the streets again. #IndictBoston

— Adam Greenberg 🔥 (@pragmactivist) November 26, 2014

On the West Coast, protestors marched towards highways. On Monday evening, a number of freeways were closed as people marched:

WATCH LIVE: CHP officers blocking demonstrators from crossing under 110 Freeway in South LA

— NBC Los Angeles (@NBCLA) November 26, 2014

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

After midnight, some Los Angeles protestors found themselves cornered by authorities:

A large group remained at the Los Angeles County Police Department, some jumping on police vehicles:

Several hundred #Ferguson protesters hold their position outside LAPD HQ. Live coverage:

— NBC Los Angeles (@NBCLA) November 26, 2014

Tonight's LA #Ferguson protest in photos:

— NBC Los Angeles (@NBCLA) November 26, 2014

A group in Dallas also took to the police department:

In Chicago, protesters staged a sit-in at City Hall, with police on the scene:

Developing: Chicago protesters occupying City Hall will leave and not face mass arrest #Chi2Ferguson #Ferguson

— Brandon Wall (@Walldo) November 26, 2014

Some leave City Hall sit-in after threats of arrest

— Chicago Tribune (@chicagotribune) November 26, 2014

After ten hours, the group left City Hall:

Chicago City Hall sit-in protest ends after 10 hours #Chi2Ferguson #Ferguson #Every28hours

— #KeepAleFree (@fairtrade_Ervin) November 26, 2014

Crowds gathered in Miami, where two were arrested for civil disobedience:

Seen in #Miami @Dreamdefenders rally #Ferguson

— Nadege Green (@NadegeGreen) November 26, 2014

Fellow protestors began a fund for those who were arrested to post their bail:

2 dream defenders arrested in Miami. Please help with their bail and their stand against inequality in #Ferguson

— Mikhael Tara Garver (@MTGarver) November 26, 2014

The protest in Miami was generally peaceful:

We won't be stopped. Tonight's protest in Miami #FergusonDecision #Ferguson #MikeBrown #JusticeForMikeBrown

— sarah (@LouisMyyLove) November 26, 2014

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