How to Clone Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

It's easier than ever to get Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. But thanks to another newly discovered glitch, it looks like you can now also clone them—and not just Shiny Pokemon, but any monster you like.

As discovered by YouTuber Austin John Plays, the glitch allows you to clone whatever monster in the game you choose. That means you can make a "copy" of any Pokemon in the game, which will likely leave your game well and truly broken, but at least you'll have two of the same Pokemon.

This isn't something Newsweek recommends doing, since you may be left with corrupted save data, but it's been tested and it does work. Want to clone your Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet using this exploit? We've got a guide to doing just that so you can start populating your Pokemon boxes left and right.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Assorted Pokemon
A new glitch in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is making it easy for players to clone their Shiny Pokemon. It'll likely be patched out soon, but here's how to use it in the meantime. Nintendo

How to Clone Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

If you want to use the newest glitch found by Austin John Plays, you might want to watch the video to see how it all plays out first, which Newsweek has done in advance. We can say for sure this trick does work, but we do not yet know the ramifications it could have on the rest of the game, whether it will eventually affect your save data, so do so at your own caution.

You'll want to first capture the Pokemon you intend to clone. Then, go to the next open town that you don't need to wait through a loading screen to enter. When you see the town name appear, save your game and close it down. You'll want to then reload back into the game.

When you come back, you should find yourself in the same location with the same Pokemon respawned in the same location you caught it in the first time, which means you can feasibly capture a Shiny—or whatever Pokemon you want—again. Keep in mind this glitch will only be viable if you use it in a town you can actually walk into. It won't work with a Pokemon Center or other floating areas out in the world.

With the additional Pokemon next to you, you'll essentially be spawning monsters that will be available for the catching right in front of you. So just don't mess up the catching process and ensure you seal the deal and you could get two Pokemon for the price of one!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now exclusively on Nintendo Switch.