How Fast Can Jeopardy Champ James Holzhauer Break Ken Jennings' All-Time Winnings Record?

James Holzhauer extended his Jeopardy! winning streak to 16 games on Thursday, racking up another $90,000 in the process. Holzhauer, who calls himself a professional sports gambler, has won $1.22 million through three weeks of play. His total is second all-time, behind Ken Jennings, who won $2.5 million during his famous run that began in 2003.

Jennings accomplished his run through 74 games, and he averaged about $33,780 per game he played.

Holzhauer, on the other hand, is on a pace to obliterate that mark if he wins just 50 games. Holzhauer seems on pace to hit or surpass $2.5 million, and if he wins just $30,000 on Friday, then he'll be halfway to Jennings' all-time winning in only a quarter of the time to get there.

Here's how fast Holzhauer can beat Jennings, based on his average of winning $76,437 per game.

By Friday, April 26, he would reach the $1.3 million mark, which puts him more than halfway through only 17 games.

By Wednesday, May 1, he would hit the $1.5 million mark. By Friday, May 10, he would surpass the $2 million mark.

If Holzhauer plays average, then he would surpass the $2.5 million mark on Monday, May 20. But Holzhauer has been anything but average, so he could hit the Jennings mark on Friday, May 17, or earlier.

Holzhauer has broken the $100,000 mark a handful of times already. But staying with his daily average, here's how much he would win if he won at that rate for just 50 days — two-thirds of Jennings' span — $3,821,850.

Holzhauer started Thursday like has on other days, by picking the $1,000 spots on the board, and working his way through them, and then the $800 spots, building a lead he would never relinquish. Holzhauer had a little more than $55,000 in his coffer Thursday going into Final Jeopardy with the topic of "Elements." His two competitors — Tim Hall and Alix Basden — both guessed wrong, and Holzhauer once again nailed it with a $35,000 wager, bringing his total to $90,000.

Holzhauer's opponents on Friday, according to, will be Tyler Lee and Robin Falco. Lee is an international banking manager from Hollis, New York. Falco is a nonprofit administrator from King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.

Here are some of the latest tweets about Holzhauer, who's known as #JeopardyJames on social media.

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