How to Get Dream Shards in Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley relies on Dreamlight as one of its most important resources. It's a vital part of this massively popular free-to-play game, especially if you want to collect enough to complete all of the tasks regularly asked of you in-game.

However, it's not impossible to snap up Dreamlight, which you can siphon up easily by collecting Dream Shards. You'll need them if you want to collect more Dreamlight, which will, in turn, help you open up additional areas of Dreamlight Valley.

But while you can turn Dream Shards into Dreamlight, it's recommended that you use both types of currencies for different situations. It can take far too many Dream Shards to convert into Dreamlight, and you're better off using Dream Shards for other purposes.

Dream Shards can be used to complete a variety of quests, so they're actually quite useful on their own. And there are multiple ways to get your hands on them, so it's not too difficult to stockpile them for when they're needed. If you're having trouble finding ways to earn additional Dream Shards, however, we've got your back. Here's how to get more Dream Shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Dream Shards
Merlin marvels over the castle in Dreamlight Valley. You'll need to collect Dream Shards to perform certain actions in-game, and they can be a bit difficult to stockpile. Gameloft

How to Get Dream Shards in Dreamlight Valley

If you want to gather Dream Shards, one of the easiest ways is by clearing out Night Thorns. These angry-looking purple vines can be found everywhere throughout Dreamlight Valley. You can continuously remove thorns, and eventually, a Dream Shard will drop. However, once you've cleared thorns long enough, you'll find that Dream Shards do not respawn as quickly, and you'll need to find another way to get more without having to deal with such a painfully slow process.

You can also figure out the specific types of food each animal in Dreamlight Valley enjoys eating. Many have their own favorite cuisine, like foxes and squirrels, and you can feed them for a Dream Shard. Feed an animal once a day, but make sure you give it its favorite food. You'll increase your chance of the animal dropping a Dream Shard.

Alternatively, you can look around for the sections of ground that look like they're sparkling. Dig up these spots when you can and you may just find Dream Shards there. You aren't guaranteed to get one, but this is one great way to up the ante and at least try to add more Shards to your stash.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is currently in early access on PC. It can also be played on Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch consoles.