How to Make a Facebook Avatar

Facebook has created a new feature on its mobile phone app—making a cartoon avatar.

While creating avatars in itself isn't new, with mobile users across the world using services such as Bitmoji, this novel feature is not available directly from the Facebook app. That means there's no need to download a third-party app and link them to your social media accounts.

How Can I Create My Own Facebook Avatar?

Firstly, make sure you have downloaded the Facebook app onto your Android or iOS cellphone via the Google Play or Apple App Store.

1. Open your Facebook app and select the menu option in the top right of the screen.

2. Scroll down the menu until you see "See More"—Click on that to open more options, which will reveal the option to create an avatar.

Screenshot Facebook Avatar
The avatar function can be found on the Facebook menu within the app. Facebook App for Android

3. Once you click on the function, it will take you the avatar creator, where you get the chance to choose how you'll look in cartoon form.

4. Select the skin tone that you feel represents you.

Screenshot Facebook Avatar Skin tone
The avatar creator has a range of skin tones to choose from. Facebook App for Android

5. Next, choose your eye style and color—colors range from brown to purple.

Screenshot Facebook Avatar Eye Style and Color
Get creative by choosing the color of your eyes. Facebook App for Android

6. Always wanted fuller lashes? You can select makeup for your avatar including lash extensions or a bold eyeliner.

7. Choose your eyebrow shape—if you've been unable to keep your brows under control during lockdown, then now is your chance to remedy that. You can also choose glasses for your avatar if you like.

Screenshot Facebook Avatar Makeup
Choose your makeup—with lashes to die for—and your eyebrow shape. Facebook App for Android

8. Choose your avatar's nose—there are a range of shapes and sizes.

Screenshot Facebook Avatar Glasses
Select your nose shape. Facebook App for Android

9. Select your lip shape—now is the time to create your perfect pout. You can also choose lipstick for your avatar.

FB Lips
Choose the perfect pout. Facebook App for Android

10. Now onto the body. Here you can choose your avatar's body shape. It doesn't ask for measurements, so don't worry.

Body Shape FB
Choose your body shape. Facebook App for Android

11. You can now pick your outfit. There is a range to choose from—this reporter opted for a casual chic look. The outfits are unisex so there is something for everyone. No hazmat suit option though.

Facebook Avatar Outfit
Unisex outfits are available Facebook App for Android

12. And that's your avatar finished. It takes Facebook around 10 seconds to finish creating it, ready for you to share. You can share it to your timeline or you can use it as your profile picture.

Screenshot Facebook Avatar Created
You can share your avatar onto your Facebook timeline or make it your profile picture Facebook App for Android

The additional feature on the mobile app comes as Facebook rolls out its new desktop version of the social media network— The new website look was announced at F8 in 2019 and includes features such as Dark Mode, create group and event preview options and a streamlined news feed, similar to what users see on the mobile app.

Screenshot Facebook Avatar Finished
Choose an outfit that matches your style. Facebook App for Android