How Many Houses Does Joe Biden Own? U.S. President's Homes Detailed

President Joe Biden has discussed his humble beginnings in his autobiography, explaining how he came from a blue-collar working area before becoming a congressman. He also explained how he was bitten by the real estate bug as a teenager, leading to him and his wife developing an impressive portfolio of homes.

Though the Biden family now reside in the White House in Washington, D.C., he has multiple homes in his home state of Delaware, and across the U.S.A.

How Many Houses Does Joe Biden Own?

Biden owns two homes in his home state of Delaware, where he and his family moved when he was a 13-year-old boy.

However, he previously owned another home, which he purchased after the death of his first wife, Neilia, and daughter Naomi.

Biden's wife and daughter died in a car accident just a month after he had been sworn in as Senator of Delaware, on December 18, 1972.

According to Homes and Gardens, in 1974, Biden bought his first home, a former DuPont mansion, in Greenville, Delaware for $185,000.

It was nicknamed The Station, and was his home with his second wife, Jill, who he married in 1975, and was the headquarters for his first presidential run in 1988.

The house was sold in 1996 for $1.2 million, though Redfin estimates the home is worth more like $1.6 million now.

Wilmington, Delaware

The same year their house was sold, according to Town and Country, the Bidens bought a new home in Wilmington, a suburb in Greenville, Delaware.

They bought their home for $350,000, according to property site Zillow, but it is now estimated to be worth almost $1.4 million.

When his son, Beau, was diagnosed with brain cancer, he considered selling the property in order to help support his son.

However, as he told CNN in 2016, President Barack Obama implored him not to sell the house, instead offering to give Biden the money so he could remain at his home.

As a result, the Biden family still own their Wilmington estate, which has a cottage on it which has been rented out at times.

Rehoboth, Delaware

In the summer of 2017, according to Fox News, the Bidens bought a $2.7 million house in Rehoboth, Delaware, near the seaside, which was a "dream come true" for the family.

In a statement released at the time and reported in the Cape Gazette, Biden said: "Throughout our careers, Jill and I have dreamed of being able to buy a place at the beach at home where we can bring the whole family.

"We feel very lucky that we're now able to make that happen and are looking forward to spending time with our family in the place that matters most to us in the world."

The home has six bedrooms and six bathrooms, and overlooks the seashore.

In the same year their second home was bought, the Bidens rented a five-bed property in McLean, Virginia, where former first lady Jackie Kennedy grew up.

They rented her during the time in which first lady Jill Biden was a full-time professor at Northern Virginia Community College.

The Wall Street Journal reported the couple had stopped renting this home in February 2020.

President Joe Biden in Wilmington Delaware
Then-Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden speaking on the fourth night of the Democratic National Convention from the Chase Center on August 20, 2020 in Wilmington, Delaware. Wilmington, Delaware is where two of Biden's homes have been situated. Win McNamee/Getty Images