How Many People Are Registered to Vote in Arizona, Michigan, Nevada and Pennsylvania?

Several states have yet to report official vote totals for the 2020 election, leaving the presidency left hanging in the balance. Arizona, Michigan, Nevada and Pennsylvania are among them, and ballots cast in these states will ultimately determine which candidate claims the White House. All four states saw increases in their numbers of registered voters ahead of the election.

In Arizona, more than 4.2 million people were registered to vote ahead of the November 3 election. The state provides a party breakdown, finding that Republicans make up the bulk of voters (1.5 million). The Democratic Party follows closely behind with 1.378 million voters registered. Making up an almost equal percentage (1.394 million) are unaffiliated voters or ones belonging to smaller parties.

The numbers are an increase from those in the 2016 election, which saw 3.5 million registered voters statewide. Only around 74 percent of them chose to cast their ballots that year, according to the Arizona secretary of state.

The Associated Press has already called Arizona in this year's election, showing that Democratic candidate Joe Biden received 51 percent of the vote compared to President Donald Trump's 47.6 percent. But the Trump campaign has made baseless claims of voting irregularities and other fraud, according to The Arizona Republic. And as of 11 a.m. Wednesday, there were at least 600,000 votes left to count.

While Michigan doesn't provide a breakdown of voters according to their party affiliation, there were more people registered in the state this year than in 2016. As of July 2020, 7.7 million people were registered to vote. Four years prior, just 7.5 million Michiganders had registered. Back then the state saw a weaker turnout than Arizona, with 63.87 percent people showing up to the polls.

The AP has not yet called Michigan, but the wire service shows 99 percent of the state reporting votes and Biden taking a narrow lead.

In Nevada, just over 2 million people had registered to vote as of October, with the majority of them belonging to the Democratic Party. This marks a significant increase from 2016, when only 1.46 million residents were registered voters. That year, the state saw nearly a 77 percent voter turnout—the highest out of any of the four states.

Just 75 percent of Nevada has reported votes after the November 3 election, according to the AP. Biden has maintained a narrow lead over Trump there as well, receiving just 8,000 more votes than the president.

Pennsylvania also broke its voter registration record this year, with more than 9 million residents signed up. The majority (4.2 million) are registered Democrats, with Republicans following behind with 3.5 million registered voters. In 2016, 8.7 million people total had registered but only 6.1 million turned up at the polls.

Out of the four states examined, Trump's best chances at claiming victory this year rest in Pennsylvania, according to the AP's current tabulation. With 86 percent of the state reporting its votes so far, Biden is trailing the president by more than 100,000.

Voter Registration
A sign for voter registration is pictured on Election Day at the King County Elections office in Renton, Washington on November 3. JASON REDMOND/AFP/Getty