How Much do You Remember of Harry Potter's Second Year?


This article, along with others to test your Wizarding World knowledge, are featured in Newsweek Special Edition: Harry Potter— The Ultimate Trivia Challenge.

Year Two Curriculum Quiz

Standard Book of Spells, Year 2

1. This defensive charm, which causes an opponent to release whatever they are holding, was learned in the inaugural Dueling Club meeting.__________________

2. Hermione used this spell to freeze the pixies Lockhart unleashed on his second year class.___________________

3. Harry uses this spell on Malfoy to induce tickling during their duel. __________

4. After Malfoy summons a snake by shouting _____ during Dueling Club, Harry's Parseltongue abilities are revealed when he tells the snake to back o of Justin Finch-Fletchley.

5. Hermione uses _______ on Tom Riddle's diary in an attempt to reveal invisible ink. Unfortunately this revealing charm does not work.

6. This spell was used by Snape to vanish the snake summoned by Malfoy during his duel with Harry. _______

7. This spell was used to blast away acromantulas in order to save Ron and Harry from Aragog's children in the fi lm. __________ _________

8. ________ _______ is a counter spell for general use and terminates all spell e ects. It is used by Snape during a particularly chaotic Dueling Club practice.

Ginny's Valentine

Fill in the missing words to the poem written by Ginny and performed by one of Lockhart's Valentine's Day cherubs to a very embarrassed Harry.

"His eyes are as green as a fresh _______ _______,

His _______ is as dark as a blackboard.

I wish he was _______, he's truly divine, the hero who conquered the _______ ______."


Standard Book of Spells, Year 2

1. Expelliarmus or Disarming Charm

2. Immobilus

3. Rictusempra

4. Serpensortia

5. Aparecium

6. Vipera Evanesca

7. Arania Exumai

8. Finite Incantatem

Ginny's Valentine

pickled toad; hair; mine; Dark Lord

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