Students Are Swapping Tips on How to Tell If Drinks Have Been Spiked With Drugs

A post detailing the signs that your drink has been spiked has gone viral on Instagram, prompting widespread discussion.

On October 17, the account Student Beans shared an infographic titled: "How to recognise a drink that's been spiked or tampered with."

In the post, which has been liked more than 426,681 times, the tell-tale signs are explained as a foggy appearance, excessive bubbles, sinking ice and a change in color.

The account also goes on to list ways to help a friend if you believe they have been spiked, writing: "Tell a bar manager, bouncer or member of staff.

"Stay with them and keep talking to them. Call an ambulance if their condition deteriorates.

"Don't let them go home on their own. Don't let them leave the venue with someone you don't know or trust. Try and prevent them drinking more alcohol."

In the caption, Student Beans also explain: "Drink spiking is an issue that should not exist, however, we've put together this post for you, to raise awareness and to help educate. You may not be able to tell if you've been spiked by the smell or taste of it, so please have a read and take note as it could potentially save yourself, a friend or even a stranger from harm."

Drinks being spiked with drugs is more prevalent than one might assume, with a survey conducted in 2016 of over 6,000 U.S. college students revealing that 462 respondents, or 7.8 percent, had been drugged.

Of that percentage, the study, published in the journal Psychology of Violence, explained that 12.1 percent were the victims of "unwanted sexual touching," and 5.4 percent were subjected to "forced sexual intercourse."

The post attracted many comments, with people sharing their experiences and swapping tips.

One Instagram user, Daniellabrightt, wrote: "Please also remember that some date rape drugs are COLOURLESS and TASTELESS! It's so important that you can recognise the side effects of these drugs (Drowsiness, sedation, muscle relaxation, nausea, blackouts, euphoria, dizziness and confusion & many more).

"Knowing these drugs side effects can help you indicate whether your drink has been tampered with!"

Another person, Lucasfallis, added: "If you can, always cover the top with your hand. Never leave it unattended, and if you are unsure, get another drink and dispose of it. Speaking from experience."

Allyouneedisbeatles_ stressed: "REMEMBER EVERYONE: Never ever put your glass down."

Benaltonthorpe suggested that people use Undercover Colors, a nail polish that can test for drugs in beverages, writing: "There is now a nail polish developed that changes to a purple colour if your drink has been spiked when dipped in. PLZ PLZ buy this!"

Ilamatecuhtli_angel advised: "Its so important that when you go out with friends you must not separate NO MATTER WHAT. If you go there together you need leave together."

Holycrapola_itsnicola agreed, typing: "IF WE GO IN TOGETHER WE ARE LEAVING TOGETHER PERIOD!!!!"

Hslizzy shared: "My partner was recently spiked was extremely scary for both of us especially her of course thank you for this post x

Ildstateofmine warned: "Honestly be careful of bartenders .. my first time drugged was at the club by the bartender .. (if they lower your drink under the bar top and you can't really see it being made f**k that s**t) didn't realize that's what had happened till the next day.

"It was my first drink of the night and within an hour or less I was so f****d up I had to be carried home wasn't coherent in anyway and don't remember passing out in my bed."

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