How to Websling like Spider-Man: It's All in the Hips

A new clip from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse does more than just preview the upcoming animated feature, it also reveals just how Spider-Man gets around so fast, with surprisingly plausible detail.

In Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Miles Morales (Shameik Moore) struggles to juggle high school and superheroics. Then things get a whole lot more complicated, as multidimensional webslingers show up in Morales' world, including Spider-Gwen (Hailee Steinfeld), Peter Parker (Jake Johnson), the dark and brooding Spider-Man Noir (Nicolas Cage), and Spider-Ham (John Mulaney), a pig from a world of talking animals. The new clip released from Into the Spider-Verse depicts Parker, an older, more seasoned Spider-Man, as a mentor of sorts to the inexperienced Morales, who's about to get a crash-course in webslinging after they steal some equipment from a high-tech lab with a suspiciously well-armed workforce.

"Time to swing, just like a taught you," Parker jokes, since he hasn't yet had the opportunity to actually teach Morales much of anything. Training will have to be on-the-fly. "Everybody knows that the best way to learn is under intense, life-threatening pressure," Parker says.

"Aim with your hips, look where you want it to hit," Parker advises. "Double-tap to release and thwip it out again. Thwip, and release. And thwip, release."

Soon Morales is getting into the swing of things, finding the proper Spider-Man rhythm. But there's still a lot for him to learn—soon he and Parker are tangled in their own webs, just in time for Spider-Gwen to show up and embarrass them.

Webslinging has always been one of the more unrealistic things about Spider-Man (not that that's a bad thing!), with webs often shooting up in the air, gripping seemingly nothing. How is Spider-Man so easily able to cross from Queens to Manhattan, flying effortlessly over the East River? Spider-Man's ability to shoot webs and bounce through any environment has always required a little suspension of disbelief. So it's cool just how much consideration Spider-Verse writers Rodney Rotham (22 Jump Street) and Phil Lord (The Lego Movie) have put into webslinging as a physical skill.

This clip indicates just how much Into the Spider-Verse cares about getting Spider-Man right, and early reviews suggest the movie nails it. Currently rated 83 on Metacritic, Into the Spider-Verse already has rave reviews from Empire and The Verge. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse will be out in theaters Dec. 14.

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