Hubert Busby Jr., Ex-Whitecaps Women's Soccer Coach, Accused of Soliciting Sex From Player

A former head coach of the Vancouver Whitecaps women's soccer team has been accused of trying to solicit sex from a former player he was recruiting to play for the team.

Hubert Busby Jr. is accused of sexual misconduct by Malloree Enoch during his time at the former USL W-League team between 2010 and 2011. Enoch made the claims, which Busby has denied, in an extensive interview with The Guardian.

The allegations against Busby are the latest to rock women's soccer teams in Canada and the U.S.

Another one of the Vancouver Whitecaps' coaches, Bob Birarda, has been charged with multiple counts of sexual exploitation and sexual assault spanning 20 years. At least three of the victims are reported to be former soccer players.

This month, North Carolina Courage fired head coach Paul Riley after he was accused of sexual harassment and misconduct against former players.

Speaking to The Guardian, Enoch described how Busby suggested she try out for the team, having originally contacted him seeking an administration job at the Vancouver Whitecaps.

During a lengthy recruitment process, Enoch said that she met Busby for one-to-one meals at restaurants, was given sports equipment as gifts, flown across the country to attend events, and frequently made to share motel rooms with him during trips.

On one occasion, Enoch said Busby invited her to stay at his hotel in Tampa, Florida, in November 2010, following a dinner she believed would be attended by other Whitecap players.

The next month, Enoch said she was flown to Los Angeles to take part in a trial game for the Whitecaps. When she arrived, Busby claimed the hotel had "messed up" their rooms and he would have to stay with her.

Jennifer Stoltenberg, who was also set to play in the trial game, told The Guardian she was informed that the game was canceled four days beforehand, information which Enoch was not told by Busby.

Enoch said that while no improper conduct took place during these times she shared a room with Busby, he allegedly tried to force himself on her during a stay in Orlando, Florida, in February 2011.

"He insisted I stay because now it was late and when I agreed it was far too late to drive back. When we got back to the hotel he again didn't have a room reserved for me. I had to stay in his room. This particular night there were two beds and I laid in my own bed and he made his way to my bed and at some point was standing over the top of me," Enoch said.

"He was on all fours fully on the bed. He was definitely aroused. He tried to kiss and touch me. The light was not on but I don't think he had his shirt on. I had to negotiate to get him off the bed. I told him I wasn't interested.

"I was very uncomfortable. I was resistant to it and he tried to pursue it and pursue it and then he got p****d off and went over to his own bed and went to sleep."

Enoch says she didn't tell the club of the alleged misconduct at the time because she was worried it would affect her chances of becoming a soccer player.

"I know to say no but at the same time I know that with his power he can take away any opportunity I could have whether it was for a job or to play," she said. "It would be the end game if I p****d him off or didn't do something."

Enoch eventually signed with the Whitecaps, and became aware of the allegations surrounding the former coach Birarda. In August 2011, she emailed Whitecaps' management to say that inappropriate behavior by one of their coaches was "happening once again and something needs to be done this time."

Busby was removed as coach for the team in October 2011. Speaking to The Guardian, Busby denied all allegations against him and dismissed suggestions he was forced out of the club because of them.

"It was more about where they wanted the program to head to at that particular time and where I thought the program was at as well," Busby said. "I was offered a contract renewal and we obviously couldn't come to terms. When I went to discuss the contract renewal we decided to go in another direction."

Busby is currently the head coach of Jamaica's women's national soccer team, having previously worked at Western New York Flash and the Seattle Sounders women's team after leaving the Whitecaps.

The Vancouver Whitecaps have been contacted for comment.

Hubert Busby Jr
Hubert Busby Jr. of Jamaica watches his team during a game between Nigeria and Jamaica at BBVA Stadium on June 10, 2021 in Houston, Texas. The former Vancouver Whitecaps coach has denied the harassment allegations against him. Getty Images

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