Shocking Attack Leaves Crocodile 'Hanging Off' Man's Arm on Cruise

A man needed to be rushed to a hospital after he was attacked by a crocodile during a river cruise in Australia.

According to ABC News, the 60-year-old man was bitten in the hand by the crocodile during the cruise on the Adelaide River, in the Northern Territory, on Monday afternoon.

Speaking to the network, St John Ambulance NT operations manager Craig Garraway said they were called at about 3:30 p.m. local time to reports of an attack near Arnhem Highway, close to the territory's capital, Darwin.

He added: "My understanding is a male there has been a cruise of some sort... and somehow has ended up having his hand bitten by what appears to be a three-or-four meter crocodile."

The victim is now said to be in a stable condition.

Northern Territory Police Senior Sergeant Richard Howie said the bite did result in "heavy bleeding" that was quickly "controlled" by bystanders who used a pressure bandage.

He was then taken to a nearby hospital where he later underwent surgery.

Sgt. Howie told ABC News: "Police are yet to speak to this male to determine the circumstances and the location and the nature of the injury.

"We need to obtain some further information so we can pass it on to NT Parks and Wildlife so they can review the incident and can determine what action might be required."

He told the network that the attack was proof of how dangerous the rivers near Top End really are.

Sgt Howie continued: "There is always a risk. We know our waterways do have plenty of crocodiles in them.

"Anyone out on the water should be really aware and obviously be safe it comes to being in their territory."

The victim, later identified as tour guide Sean Dearly, told 9 News that the crocodile was "little."

He added: "There was a little croc around the corner of my boat, it just spun onto me and I just went, 'what the hell?' I lifted my arm up and I've got a croc hanging off me."

Newsweek has contacted the NT Parks and Wildlife and NT Police for comment.

While it was not clear what cruise the victim was on when he was attacked, there are regular jumping crocodile tours on the Adelaide River.

The popular tourist attraction brings people close to saltwater crocodiles who jump up next to the cruise boats as they try to reach the bait.

While rare, crocodile attacks do occur in Australia with cases being recorded in various states and territories.

Earlier in 2021, a man in Queensland recalled how he survived a crocodile attack by trying to scoop the predator's eyes out with his fingers.

Isaac Adidi and his friend Malik Cockatoo-Mueller had been swimming in a waterhole near the town of Weipa when the crocodile attacked.

File photo of a saltwater crocodile.
File photo of a saltwater crocodile. A man needed to be treated after he was attacked by a crocodile during a river cruise. Getty Images/Shane Bartie