Watch Huge Kangaroo Hop Around Woman's Porch

A kangaroo paid a surprise visit to a woman's home in New South Wales, Australia, on Wednesday.

Rae Harvey, co-founder of kangaroo sanctuary Wild2Free, went outside to find the huge animal wandering around her porch.

Harvey raises kangaroos outside her house, which is located near the kangaroo sanctuary in Batemans Bay on the east coast of Australia. She told Newsweek that she leaves snacks out for them at night.

In the video posted to Facebook, which can be seen here, the male kangaroo appears to be boldly helping itself to snacks.

Are you kidding me right now??? Despite two shelters with permanent food plus 4 containers of feed at the cabin yet the wild ones are turning up here...

Harvey said that despite working alongside many kangaroos, she had never seen this particular kangaroo before. She said that she has now named him Bruce.

The entire kangaroo sanctuarywas destroyed in December 2019 in the Australia bush fires, as well as Harvey's home.

The Australian Bushfires, also known as 'black summer bushfires" broke out in late 2019. All fires were either extinguished or contained by March 2020.
Over 42 million acres were burnt, with 31 million acres primarily forest and bushland. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) said that 33 lives were lost and around 3,094 homes destroyed.
In January 2020, WWF estimated that at that time, 1.25 billion animals had been killed.

Harvey said that she began to raise kangaroos around her new home after rebuilding it in August 2021. However the only kangaroos that came to the house were ones she was particularly close with. Bruce was not one of those kangaroos.

She said: "[I] suspect he may have been an orphan raised here back in 2016 who left the property and returned after the bushfires but I don't know for sure."

During the bushfires, Harvey and a volunteer at the sanctuary were rescued by boat and returned shortly after to provide care to the surviving animals.

Harvey then stayed on the property with no power or water for six weeks and took shelter in a fire damaged but surviving cabin.

At the end of August 2021, a newly constructed facility at the sanctuary was finished.

In the video, Harvey can be heard saying: "You're a wild kangaroo, what are you doing outside my house?"

The kangaroo doesn't appear phased by her and continues to hop around the porch.

Harvey then says: "I'm going to go to bed, I'll leave you to it."

Alongside the video, Harvey wrote: "Are you kidding me right now??? Despite two shelters [at the sanctuary] with permanent food plus 4 containers of feed at the cabin yet the wild ones are turning up here now? Also about 10 lazing on the grass outside my door."

Kangaroo's in Australia are used to humans and accept their presence as long as they show no aggression. They can sometimes approach humans when expecting food, however may become aggressive if there isn't any.

Data from the Australian government published in 2011 estimates that there are over 34 million kangaroos in the country.

A stock photos shows an Australian kangaroo. A woman filmed a kangaroo that she found on her porch on Sunday. binbeter/Getty Images