Hulk Hogan For President!

The wrestler is the host of the new "American Gladiators." He spoke to Ramin Setoodeh:

Since it's presidential-politics season, I wanted to ask—did you really once think about running for president?
It was a thought. We ran a couple test markets. Like a dummy, I went out and said I was quitting wrestling to run for president. We started getting this crazy feedback that kind of scared me a little. I backed out gracefully.

You could've been like Jesse Ventura.
No, not like Jesse Ventura. Jesse just knows a little about a whole lot of things. And not very much about anything.

Is your daughter Brooke still singing?
She's singing. She auditioned for "Dancing With the Stars" yesterday. I think she may have her own extension of "Hogan Knows Best."

Speaking of which, you and your wife just announced you were getting divorced. Do you think there's a marriage curse on reality-TV couples?
I'm not superstitious. But I guess for whatever reason, a lot of reality-TV families end up going in different directions.

How are you doing with everything?
I'm hanging in there. I've had some crazy days. I'm leaning into the wind and staying positive.