What's Leaving Hulu in December 2019: All the Movies on Streaming Platform's Last Call List

Just as December marks the end of a year, the month will bring the final chances of watching a few titles on Hulu, because a number of titles will be removed from the platform.

Only movies are featured on Hulu's last call list for December, so subscribers at least won't have to worry about binging through the multiple seasons of all the TV shows that have long been sitting in their Hulu watch-list section. But burning through the many films making their exit in December won't be an easy feat either. There are more than 70 titles schedule to get the boot from the streaming platform in December.

No holiday titles are included—in fact, Hulu will debut several more movies and TV shows centered on the joyous season in the new month. However, quite a few American classics across all other genres will no longer be available for viewing in a few short weeks.

Thrillers like Basic Instinct and Double Jeopardy will leave Hulu in December along with horrors including Children of the Corn and Cloverfield. If you were hoping to have some laughs with Danny DeVito and watch Get Shorty, or release a few tears with Matt Dillion in Crash, you'd better take some time to watch those movies now, because they'll both be exiting Hulu next month. Boyz N' The Hood, Hot Tub Time Machine, Interview with the Vampire, Girls Just Want to Have Fun—those movies and so many others will be wiped clean from the streaming giant's roster of titles, too.

Fortunately, there's still a bit of time before everything on Hulu's last call list is officially hung up. The movies will be available for streaming from now up until the last day of December. If you don't get around to any of the features—all of which are listed below—there will be plenty of more movies being added to Hulu's directory at the top of the new year.

All the Movies on Hulu's Last Call List For December 2019
In this photo illustration, the Hulu media service provider's logo is displayed on the screen of a tablet on November 20, 2019, in Paris, France. A number of films will be removed from Hulu on December 31, 2019. Chesnot/Getty Images

December 31

A Simple Plan

A View to Kill

American Beauty

Basic Instinct

Be Cool

Beautiful Creatures

Big Top Pee-Wee

Birthright: A War Story

Blown Away

Boyz N' The Hood

Brooklyn's Finest

Cadillac Man

Children of the Corn




Curse of the Zodiac

Days of Thunder

Dead Heat

Demolition Man

Destiny Turns on the Radio

Double Jeopardy


Escape from Alcatraz

Event Horizon

Far from Home

Fatal Attraction

Fire with Fire


Flight 7500

Forces of Nature

Free to Run

Get Shorty

Ghost World

Girls Just Want to Have Fun


High Noon

Hot Tub Time Machine


Interview with the Vampire



Love Crimes

Magic Mike


Much Ado About Nothing

Never Back Down

No Holds Barred

Patriot Games

Permanent Midnight

Pieces of April


Project Nim


Requiem for a Dream

Sacred Ground

Saturday Night Fever

School Times

Split Decisions

Stand Up Guys

Sucker Punch

Tales from the Darkside: The Movie

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Terminator Salvation

Top of the Food Chain

Total Recall

Trading Moms

True Colors

True Grit

Universal Soldier

Vampire in Brooklyn

Varsity Blues