Human Skull Found by Road Worker While Cutting Grass

A human skull was found after a road worker discovered the remains while cutting grass on Monday.

The Rockdale County Department of Transportation (RDOT) employee made the grisly discovery in the grassy area along Ebenezer Road near Cherry Hill Lane, about 25 miles southeast of Atlanta, Georgia.

The worker called authorities just after 9 a.m. to request assistance, believing the remains to be human in origin, Rockdale Sheriff's Office spokesperson Kyana Jackson told 11Alive.

The grass had not been cut in the area for about six months, the RDOT employee told investigators, according to the outlet.

"At the time, he only saw the skull and he called the authorities. We then came and discovered other parts of the deceased body," Jackson told Channel 2 Action News.

Due to an ongoing investigation by the @RockdaleSheriff, Ebenezer Road (near Cherry Hill Lane) will be blocked off.

If you’re traveling on Smyrna Road, exit Johnson Road as detour.

— Rockdale County (@RockdaleGov) June 28, 2021

Investigators later found socks and what they believe to be men's boxer underwear with the remains, leading authorities to believe the body may be that of a man.

"I believe there were parts of socks and boxers there so from the actual clothing there it looks like a male," Jackson said. "We're starting from ground zero here but we're quickly going to connect the dots, I'll tell you that."

The identity of the victim and the circumstances surrounding their death is still under investigation. The remains have been taken to the medical examiner's office for identification.

Footage taken from the area by local news crews shows deputies at the scene, while the road remained blocked off the majority of the morning.

Newsweek has contacted the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office for comment.

Earlier in June, a dead body was found dumped and possibly dismembered in a bag outside a home in rural Georgia

An investigation revealed Christopher Collin Demmon, 33, recently lived at the residence. Demmon was arrested and taken into police custody on June 7.

Describing the scene at the home in Hancock County where the body was found, Mary Chandler of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said authorities "determined the body was in a bag and that decomposition had already set in."

A severed human foot found in the middle of a California freeway also prompted a police investigation back in May.

The foot was discovered in the center median of San Bernadino freeway by a California Department of Transportation worker on May 3.

The employee was conducting routine maintenance in the area when he made the grisly find.

The foot is believed to have belonged to a woman. At the time it was found, the severed limb was not in a sock or shoe.

human skull
File photo: A blindfolded human skull lies in a mass grave in a remote desert south of Baghdad as officials in Rockdale County, Georgia, are investigating the discovery of human remains on Monday, June 28. Erik de Castro-Pool/Getty