'Humans of New York' 11-Part Instagram Series About Cheryl and Bobby Love Captivates the Internet

The latest 11-photo series by Humans of New York (HONY) sharing the heartwarming story between Bobby and Cheryl Love has captivated fans on Facebook and Instagram.

The series, which photographer Brandon Stanton began posting on Wednesday, tells the story of Bobby Love revealing his prior life of crime to his wife, Cheryl, after 40 years of marriage.

The 11 photos have received more than 3 million likes on Instagram, and has resonated with a number of fans. Many HONY fans hoped that the couple's saga could be adapted into a film. "Someone give this man a book and/or movie deal!" one Facebook user wrote. "WOW. I have goosebumps, tears streaming down my face, hope in my heart, and his earnest face looking back from my laptop and I am reminded of my mother's solemn advice: 'Be kind. Always be kind. You know nothing of another person's trials in life.'"

In the first post, Cheryl told HONY that one morning police and FBI officials came to the couples' door and stormed past her. "It didn't make any sense. I'd been married to Bobby for forty years," she said. "He didn't even have a criminal record." Love told her that the FBI's reasons for taking him stemmed from events that happened before they met.

Accompanied by a series of portraits, Love told HONY his life story before he came to New York. His birth name was Walter Miller. He spoke about first getting arrested for disorderly conduct at a Sam Cooke concert in North Carolina, followed by a series of other run-ins with the law that led him to a juvenile detention center. After he escaped, he traveled up to Washington, D.C., where he began robbing banks with other teenagers.

After getting arrested following a botched heist in North Carolina, he was sentenced to 25 to 30 years in a maximum-security prison. He told HONY that after his mother's death, he vowed to improve his life and became "the perfect inmate." He was transferred to a minimum-security prison after making improvements.

Love decided to flee prison after the prison captain accused him of screaming obscenities at him. Love said there was no way it could've been him, but after the incident, he was frequently written up and assigned to do highway cleanup work. He escaped while being taken for highway cleanup, running off into a wooded area.

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(6/11) "I cleaned out my locker before I went to sleep. I wanted to leave nothing behind. No phone numbers. No addresses. Nothing they could use to find me quick. Because I worked at the radio station, I was allowed a single pair of civilian clothes. I put those on beneath my prison garments and wore everything to bed. I didn't sleep a wink that night. Every three hours the guards did a head count, and I kept seeing that flashlight shine on the wall. When the sun finally came up, I jumped out of bed and splashed water on my face. Then I glanced out the window. The careless guard was stationed at the gate. The one who never patted down the prisoners. So I said: 'That's it, I'm leaving.' I got on the bus and went to the very back row, right next to the emergency exit. It was a five minute drive to the wooded area. As we slowed down for a stop, I swung open the back door-- and I was gone. I could hear the alarm blaring behind me, but I didn't look back. I peeled off my green clothes and just kept running. The sweat was coming off me. I looked like trouble, so I did my best to keep out of the white neighborhoods. Every time I passed a brother, I asked for directions to the Greyhound station. Everyone kept telling me: 'Keep going, keep going, keep going.' When I finally got there, I found a brother in the parking lot who agreed to buy me a one way ticket to New York. I waited until the last minute. I jumped on the bus right as the driver was closing the door. Then I slunk down in my seat while we drove out of Raleigh. Once we got on the highway, the girl next to me started making small talk. She asked me my name. I thought for a moment, and said: 'Bobby Love.' And that was the death of Walter Miller."

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After escaping, Love took a greyhound to New York, where he eventually met his wife, Cheryl. Despite loving each other, Cheryl said that she felt there was " a piece missing," because her husband didn't like to be photographed and didn't communicate effectively. After Love's arrest, his wife said that she still "wanted to comfort him" and "wanted to hold his hand," despite her embarrassment.

Cheryl played a huge part in Bobby making parole, writing letters to politicians, gathering testimonials, and testifying on his behalf. "I might not have escaped from prison, and started a whole new life, and hid it from my family," she told HONY. "But I forgave the man who did."

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(11/11) "I got to work. I wrote letters to the governor. I wrote letters to Obama. I gathered testimonials from everyone that Bobby ever knew: all the kids he used to coach, all the people at our church, all of our family members. I testified on his behalf. I didn't know a thing about Walter Miller. But I told them all about Bobby Love. And the parole board took mercy. After a year in prison, they let him come home. The day after he was set free, I sat him down and asked: 'What is it? Are we the Loves? Or are we the Millers?' And he said: 'We Love. We Love.' So I had him change his name legally. And now we're moving on. I still have my resentments. When we get in a fight, I'll think: 'This man better appreciate that I forgave him.' But the thing is-- I did forgive him. And when I made that decision, I had to accept all the territory that came with it. I can't make him feel that debt every day of his life. Because that's not the marriage I want to be in. The whole world knows now. We've got no secrets. But I think this whole mess was for the better of things: better for me, better for the kids, and better for Bobby. He doesn't have to hide anymore. He can look at me when I'm speaking. Not only that, he's hearing me too. My voice is heard. I used to walk on eggshells. I used to just go along. But I told him one thing. I said: 'Bobby, I'll take you back. But I'm not taking a backseat to you no more.' Because I got my own story to tell. I can write a book too. I might not have escaped from prison, and started a whole new life, and hid it from my family. But I forgave the man who did."

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Fans raved about the story.

"I need this turned into a Lifetime movie or something ASAP," one fan wrote on Instagram.

"This is my favorite HONY story ever," another wrote. "Forgiveness is the greatest gift you can give because it is a gift to both the forgiven and the forgiven."

Actress Jennifer Garner was also a captive audience as the photos were posted on Tuesday. She commented on many of the photos sharing her suspense as the story was revealed. "This is the most beautiful, inspiring Love story I have ever watched as a ten hour mini series. And sitting in this big audience with everyone today has been [heart emojis]," she commented. "Thank you, @humansofny. You were right to take your time. Just like Bobby figured out-Cheryl was worth every second."

The whole series can be read and viewed on Instagram and Facebook.

Humans of New York did not immediately respond to request for comment.

Central Prison
Central Prison in Raleigh, North Carolina, 23rd October 1988. Love was sentenced to Central Prison, after a failed robbery. Barbara Alper/Getty