Hundreds of Crabs With 'Real Big Claws' Invade Florida City After Heavy Rain Forces Them to Evacuate Their Burrows

Hundreds of land crabs invaded a Florida neighborhood after heavy rains fell on the area.

Dan Skowronski, a local resident in Port St. Lucie—a city on the Atlantic coast in the south of the state—captured footage of the invasion and posted it on social media.

The video shows numerous crabs crawling around his yard and home while Skowronski describes what he is seeing.

"The invasion of land crabs," he says in the video. "They must have got rained out of their holes. And they're everywhere. They're more scared of me than I am of them."

Skowronski noted that this is not the first time this unusual phenomenon has occurred in the area. In fact, he says in the video clip that it "sometimes happens once a year."

Nevertheless, Skowronski was still surprised when he first noticed what was happening, according to comments he made to South Florida broadcaster WPTV.

"Oh, my goodness, I saw all those crabs and I said, 'Wow!'" he told the news outlet.

According to Skowronski, many of the land crabs were relatively large specimens.

"I would say [they were] a good 6 inches, 7 inches long," he said. "They were a pretty good size with real big claws, real big crab claws."

Despite the fact that crabs were crawling all over his home, Skowronski didn't seem to be too fazed and managed to see the funny side of the situation. He can be heard chuckling to himself in the video as the crustaceans scurry away from him.

CRAB INVASION | Just when you thought you've seen it all in Florida, a Port St. Lucie home covered in crabs after some heavy rain earlier this week!

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"I post some goofy stuff with my friends on Facebook and I thought they would get a good kick out of this," he told WPTV. "And they really got shocked and amused out of this, so I thought, maybe I should forward this to somebody and they might like it too."

Other residents in the local area also reported that crabs had invaded their yards and homes.

"My wife stands out here with a broom when I'm trying to back the car out to keep them from running into the garage because once they get in there there's a million places they can hide and you only find them once they die," local resident Bill Paterson told WPTV. "I guess they are very good climbers and they manage to get up in the yard and I'm looking outside of the house and there were several dozen, at least."

The heavy rains which forced the crabs out of their holes were linked to Hurricane Barry which made landfall in Louisiana on Saturday, according to the National Weather Service.

Correction: 7/16, 7.45 a.m. The headline of this article has been updated to identify Port St. Lucie a city rather than a town.

blue land crab
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