Dog Interrupts Live TV Weather Report Looking for Treats

TV viewers in Canada were given paws for thought after a dog invaded a live weather report last week while on the hunt for treats.

They say that a dog is a man's best friend, but the friendship of Global Toronto weather reporter Anthony Farnell and his adorable dog Storm was put to the test during a recent broadcast.

On Friday, Farnell was in the middle of delivering his forecast for the weekend ahead when he suddenly found he had been joined by a four-legged co-presenter.

Like a true pro, he continued on with his meteorological predictions for the days ahead, even as Storm, who is a miniature goldendoodle, began moving in and out of shot.

The reason for the dog's sudden appearance soon became clear: Storm was hungry.

Thankfully, Farnell had a few doggie treats close to hand, prompting his pet pooch to momentarily pause on screen for several occasions.

At one point the meteorologist, speaking off screen, confirmed what audiences everywhere were seeing as Storm traversed the lower part of the green screen set up for the forecast.

"Yes, Storm is in the building, getting some treats, walking on thin air," he said.

The forecast also saw Farnell updating viewers on Hurricane Ida as it moves further south and the potential dangers posed.

However, in this instance, a very different kind of Storm ended up stealing the focus.

As the forecast came to a close, Global News Morning anchor Antony Robart said, laughing: "Storm is just walking around looking for snacks."

"Just looking for snacks," Farnell replied, adding: "He's getting dinner soon."

Footage of Storm's lovable antics soon found its way onto Twitter, with one tweet of the video, posted by journalist Anthony Quintano, racking up over 1.8 million views.

Global News has also posted the adorable clip on its YouTube channel, with the video scoring over 260,000 views on the platform.

This isn't the first time Storm has found fame on social media after invading a broadcast.

Back in 2012, Storm made a surprise appearance on the evening news, popping his head above the news desk during a live report.

Farnell later explained what happened in an interview with Pawsh Magazine.

"I had already brought my new little puppy into work once and believe it or not the Global News viewers helped me find the name Storm thanks to an online poll," the meteorologist said.

"That was cute but what happened the following month is what really made him a Global sensation."

"I was working on my weather maps and I assumed Storm was under my desk," he added.

"A couple minutes later I glanced up to the TV monitor in front of me and there was Storm, popping his head up from under the News Desk right beside the anchor during our live broadcast."

Several appearances, both planned and unplanned, have followed in the years since, while Storm has become something of a social media star with an Instagram account boasting over 5,000 followers.

Of course, Storm isn't the first dog to catch the eye of pet lovers on the internet. One golden retriever, for example, won fans online after a video surfaced showing the dog teaching its owner how to bark. By contrast, this corgi's unusual stare caught the eye of many on social media for altogether different reasons.

Newsweek has reached out to Global News and Farnell for further comment.

Dog interrupts weather report.
Dog interrupts weather report - 'Storm' interrupted his owner's weather update because he was hungry Global News Toronto