Hunter Schafer Criticized For Appearing to Agree With Anti-Nonbinary Post

Hunter Schafer is facing backlash on social media for appearing to agree with an Instagram post about transmedicalism and the cutting of HRT (hormone replacement therapy) in certain states.

The Euphoria star and trans activist, 23, seemingly wrote on a post shared to Instagram last week by user @piggytaiwan about trans healthcare and how the non-binary community could be affecting trans people from receiving medical treatment.

The post also said that non-binary trans people are contributing to laws in certain states that no longer regard HRT and gender-reaffirming surgery as medically necessary procedures.

Hunter Schafer
Hunter Schafer attends an event for the HBO Max show "Euphoria" on April 20, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. She is being criticized on social media for replying an allegedly anti-trans Instagram post. Jon Kopaloff/Getty/FilmMagic for HBO

Earlier this month, Florida began a rule-changing process to ban gender-affirming care for trans youth in the state.

This school of thought is known as transmedicalism, namely that being transgender is dependent upon experiencing gender dysphoria or requiring medical treatment to transition.

It is also often referred to as "truscum", which is defined as: a person who believes that gender dysphoria is an essential trait to being transgender.

In the original post, @piggytaiwan wrote in part: "Y'all couldn't stand to let binary trans people be the voice of this community," and, "That means more trans people will have to pay for their transition out of pocket, forcing more of us into sex work."

The post was criticized on social media, but fans noticed that Schafer had commented "!!!!!!" seemingly in agreement. Several people have now called out the actress and model on Twitter.

"hunter schafer blaming nb ppl for the things happening to trans ppl's healthcare is so f****** sickening. girl that is what conservatives want!! they wanna divide you by making these horrific f****** laws and pitting queer n trans ppl against each other!! don't b a transmed!!" reads one tweet.

Another Twitter user wrote: "Who's gonna tell hunter schafer that the real enemy are cis transphobes and not nonbinary people."

While another tweeted: "Hunter Schafer blaming trans ppl for their own oppression instead of the bigots that call the shots and make the laws is really funny and sad at once. I promise u tiktok teens have 0 hand in passing transphobic medical laws."

Schafer has long been a vocal advocate for trans rights and, in 2016, s​​igned on as a plaintiff in the lawsuit from the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) against North Carolina's bathroom bill.

Schafer wrote in a 2017 op-ed for i-D magazine: "As a transgender teenager who grew up in North Carolina, navigating bathrooms on my own was an extremely difficult journey, particularly at public school.

"In early high school (during a more primary stage in my transition), I felt safer using the women's restroom and locker room. But I was often met with compromises, like being told to use a staff bathroom or the men's room, which was basically a sentence to eternally hold it in," Schafer wrote. "I felt like an outlaw every time I had to pee, as if this natural bodily function were some unforgivable act."

North Carolina's anti-trans bathroom bill was partially repealed in 2017.

Newsweek has contacted Schafer's representatives for comment.