Hurricane Florence: Video Shows What It's Like Inside Massive Storm Surge

As Hurricane Florence makes its way toward the East Coast, video was released to show the terrifying reality of being trapped by rising floodwaters.

The 3D footage released by the Weather Channel shows conditions in a surge of 3 to 9 feet of floodwaters, which the dangerous storm has threatened to bring.

"The latest iteration of our IMR group's work. This is what storm surge looks like. # Florence will make landfall in the next 36-48 hours and bring with it, 6-9 feet of potential storm surge. @ parkertwc will show you what that looks like," the Weather Channel said in a tweet sharing the footage.

The video shows water rising to 3 feet, which could knock adults off their feet, followed by a surge to 6 feet, which would entirely submerge a vehicle and an adult. The footage also shows floating debris and high winds.

Once it reaches 6 feet, according to the Weather Channel, you have "no chance of being able to survive that if you are out in that level of flooding," adding that pets would also perish.

Meanwhile, the footage that shows the effects of a 9 foot storm surge, which would leave people in a perilous situation—the only possible way out would be to reach the second level of a building, in which case "you might, you might have a chance to survive this level of storm surge flooding—and this is what we are expecting along some parts of the coastline with this tremendous storm," the Weather Channel explained.

Set to hit the Carolinas around Friday afternoon, Florence was at one point classified as a Category 4 storm but has since been downgraded to Category 2, 6ABC reported. But officials warned that Florence still remained life-threatening, and a state of emergency was declared ahead of the storm making landfall in the Carolinas, Georgia and Virginia.

Warnings were also issued by President Donald Trump, who urged residents in affected areas to follow the guidance of the authorities.

"It is imperative that everyone follow local evacuation orders. This storm is extremely dangerous. Be SAFE! " Trump tweeted on Wednesday.

Hurricane Florence: Video Shows What It's Like Inside Massive Storm Surge | U.S.