Hurricane Zeta Photos, Videos Show Severe Damage and Flooding Around New Orleans

Hurricane Zeta hit the southeastern U.S. coastline yesterday as a Category 2 storm, with ferocious 110 miles per hour winds, causing serious damage to the Greater New Orleans area.

The storm made landfall around 4 p.m. near the fishing, shrimping and crabbing village of Cocodrie on the coast of Louisiana, and the eye of the storm hit New Orleans around 7.30 p.m.

Zeta is the fifth significant storm to hit the state this year. Officials put out numerous warnings before the storm made landfall, and President Donald Trump declared an emergency and ordered federal assistance to help Louisiana deal with the aftermath.

Treasure Bay Casino, Biloxi, Ms #HurricaneZeta

— D-Raww🍼🦁 (@iBe_Dezionn) October 29, 2020

Homes were damaged and areas were severely flooded in coastal towns. One Twitter user posted a video of a boat on the road.

Hurricane #ZETA’s powerful gusts rip a roof of a home in Chalmette, LA.

📸 Taylor Blanchard #lawx @DavidBernardTV @NWSNewOrleans @spann @StormHour

— Dylan Federico (@DylanFedericoWX) October 29, 2020

Sheriff Webre just sent me this video of LA 1 south of the levee system in Golden Meadow. Yes, that’s a boat on the roadway. #Zeta

— Brennan Matherne (@BrennanMatherne) October 28, 2020

Water rushed through the Golden Nugget Parking Garage in Biloxi, captured by to by WLOX News footage.

Water rushing over the first floor of the Golden Nugget Parking Garage in Biloxi. #HurricaneZeta

— Hugh Keeton (@HughKeeton) October 29, 2020

Treasure Bay Casino, also in Biloxi, suffered serious damage.

Treasure Bay Casino, Biloxi, Ms #HurricaneZeta

— D-Raww🍼🦁 (@iBe_Dezionn) October 29, 2020

Businesses were torn apart in the Phoenix area.

WATCH: As #Zeta shreds a business right in front of me in Phoenix, LA #LAwx

— Aaron Rigsby (@AaronRigsbyOSC) October 28, 2020

Power lines were toppled around the state, and a man was reportedly electrocuted by a low hanging cable. Police said the line blew from a transformer near Dublin Street and Stroelitz Street, reported 4WWL.

"It's very unfortunate, but this is why we're asking everyone to remain at home," said New Superintendent of Police Shaun Ferguson. "We do not want you to travel the streets. There are wires that are down—live wires, as well as trees. It's very, very challenging for anybody to get around, so we're encouraging you please to stay at home or stay in place."

View of fallen power lines after the passage of Hurricane Zeta, in Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo state, Mexico, on October 27, 2020. The storm hit the U.S. on 28 October causing severe damage in Louisiana. ELIZABETH RUIZ/AFP/Getty Images)

According to weather forecasters AccuWeather, more than 800,000 people in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama have suffered power blackouts.

Meteorologist and storm chaser Reed Timmer captured footage of the flooding and floating debris in Venice, Louisiana, and of buildings being ripped apart in Lake Charles.

BIG-TIME STORM SURGE in Venice, LA with rapid water rise as winds shifted to westerly. Debris floating by. Deployed network of three Surginator live streaming surge sensors in southeast LA. @ChasinSpin @RadarOmega_WX @NatGeoChannel #HurricaneZeta

— Reed Timmer (@ReedTimmerAccu) October 29, 2020

Hurricane Zeta has moved inland and has weakened to a tropical storm over Alabama. It is heading north with sustained winds of 41 mph and gusts of 68 mph.

The National Hurricane Center still regards the storm a "life-threatening surge" and asks residents of these states to prepare for extreme weather. However, it said the surge will "gradually subside in the early morning hours on Thursday."

Zeta 29 Oct
Path tracker for Storm Zita on 29 October at 4 a.m CDT. The eye of the storm has passed over New Orleans and is currently in Alabama where it has weakened with sustained wind speeds of 41mph. National Hurricane Center

Zeta is fifth named storm to ravage the region this year, and the 27th storm of the Atlantic hurricane season. In 2005, there were a record number of 28 storms, including 15 hurricanes.