Surprise as Husband Admits Truth After 'Lying' About Pickles for Years

A spouse has revealed they recently discovered her husband has been "lying" to them for years, as they learned the truth behind one small act of kindness.

Redditor u/Primary-Remote5203 shared a touching story about pickles, but the sentiment behind it struck a chord online.

In a post to the site's TrueOffMyChest forum, they revealed in typical couple fashion, they share foods including swapping and trading items.

The humble pickle has long been a source of contention among people who remain divided over its inclusion in Big Macs, but it seems one person is clearly a fan.

File photo of a pickle.
File photo of a pickle. A spouse has revealed their husband has been "lying" about pickles for years in a now-viral Reddit post. Nataliia Shcherbyna/Getty Images

Primary-Remote5203 wrote: "Ever since we started dating, whenever we go out to eat and there is a pickle on his plate, he gives it to me.

"One of our first dates was at a sub shop and it came with a pickle and I ate it first, and I think he picked up on it, because ever since he has just slid his pickle onto my plate and I eat it and I never really thought twice about it."

That had remained the status quo until one day, they were "being silly" and offered him a pickle.

"And to my surprise, he accepted. And he ate the whole spear in 4 bites," they wrote.

They quizzed him over his seemingly newfound love of pickles, as they revealed: "I was a little taken aback and was like Wait, you like pickles? and he was like Yeah!

"So I asked him why, if he likes pickles, he always gives them to me. And he said Because I know you love them, and seeing you smile is worth a few pickles.

"And my heart just melted, because for years I whole-heartedly believed this man hated pickles. But no. He loves them. He just loves me more."

The post, which can be read here, has amassed more than 18,000 upvotes since being posted on Saturday.

Numerous people pointed out the story closely mirrors a plot in sitcom How I Met Your Mother, involving olives, prompting Primary-Remote5203 to add in an edit: "I have never seen 'How I Met Your Mother' but I am totally going to watch it now, just for the 'Olive Theory'"

The poster also explained their choice of phrase, saying: "I put lying because I was implying lying by omission, whether you count this as lying or not is up to you.

"I wanted to share this story because it made me all gushy inside and I thought others might like it, but I really struggled with what to title it! 'My husband secretly likes pickles' was my first attempt, but it seemed a little misleading too, lol."

Hooligan-Hobgoblin wrote: "Don't get me wrong, this was a pleasant surprise after all the cheating s*** I've been seeing."

Primeirofilho commented: "Thank you for that. It's nice to see something so wholesome."

New-Environment9700 said: "Legit scarred by all the cheating stuff. I'll take pickles any day!"

GW3g added: "I love these posts. As rare as they are, they are the best."

Sammy_Nanashi thought: "You got me there. I literally though this was going to be one of those stories of men cheating. But no! He just like pickle and love you more."

While Kneeltothesun joked: "A marriage built on a foundation of lies! LIES I TELL YOU!"

Legit scarred by all the cheating stuff. I'll take pickles any day!

The pickle-in-burger debate was seemingly settled by Oxford University food scientist, Professor Charles Spence, who conducted a study into the vegetable in 2022.

The study, quoted by Public News Time, revealed 51 percent of burger fans would vote to remove them from the meal. The top reasons to ditch the greenery was taste, cited by 23 percent, texture for 16 percent while 12 percent preferred to eat them on their own.

Spence, experimental psychologist at the University of Oxford, commented: "Pickles are undoubtedly one of the most contentious additions to a burger, with the population seemingly split right down in the middle into lovers and haters.

"But what exactly is it about burgers that make them addictive to some but abhorrent to others?

"The evidence suggests different sensory elements—the sight, sound, texture, taste, and smell—all play different roles for different consumers, but, ultimately, keeping pickles in your burger is the best way to optimise their taste.

"Their sensory properties compliment the other burger ingredients perfectly."

Newsweek reached out to u/Primary-Remote5203 for comment.