Husband Who Doesn't Want to Spend Birthday With Wife and Kids Divides Internet

A married father-of-two has sparked online debate after telling his wife he would rather celebrate his 30th birthday with his friends rather than his family.

Birthday celebrations are an entirely subjective topic; some like to mark the date in the company of their closest loved ones, others rather let it pass without fanfare.

And one British dad has received a mix of praise and rebuke over his proposed plans.

In a post shared to Mumsnet, the man's wife vented her frustration at how things played out.

The couple have been married for 13 years and have two children together. He is due to turn 30 in April and she had recently started making a list of things he might like to do.

"I figure everyone wants a fuss made out of them on their 30th?!" she wrote. However, when she suggested a series of options for marking his big day, she said her ideas were met with a "lackluster response" from her partner.

A few weeks went by before one night he came home to tell her: "I've checked with the 'boys' and they're all free on my birthday weekend - so I'm planning to go to Edinburgh on my birthday and come back on the Sunday."

His announcement has left her upset as she had come up with "loads of plans" which involved a lot of his "friend groups."

"But he doesn't want to spend his 30th with me AT ALL. I guess I'll be at home looking after the children," she wrote.

When she asked him why he didn't suggest they go away together, he told her "we don't really have fun when we go away. I want to actually have fun and go drinking with my friends."

His response has left her "hurt" and wondering why he married her if he does not enjoy her company.

But many on social media could see things from her husband's perspective.

Washablevelvet said she would be "ok with that" and that she and her husband "both try to have a weekend away with friends once or twice a year." "Much as I love the kids, it's a great treat to get away without them," she added.

Hapoydayz agreed that the idea was fine, just as long as her other half returned the favor. "Ensure you get a weekend away without him to be yourself too," they wrote. "If he's not okay with that then you'll know he doesn't value or respect you."

However others, like DeeCeeCherry felt the woman's husband sounded "very immature" writing "He wants the single life so why did he get married? I bet he wouldn't be happy if you went off with your mates for 3 days on a birthday."

Kerala1, meanwhile, recalled how a similar story played out. "A friend had a "girls night out" for her 40th with no husbands or partners. I thought it was a bit odd at the time to be honest," she warned. "Few months later they announced their divorce. Wasn't surprised."

Sn0tnose felt it wasn't so much the going away that was the issue but rather the fact he said he couldn't have fun with his wife. "I think I'd struggle to get past this," she commented. "If he doesn't enjoy spending time with you, I think you've got a difficult time ahead of you."

Daisy4569 could see both sides and suggested the husband simply "should have phrased his reasons better" and she shouldn't "take it personally."

"I know my other half has a different type of fun with his friends (as I do with mine) and it's hard if your kids are little to really relax," they wrote. "I'd explain how it's hurt your feelings though."

Newsweek has contacted the original poster for comment.

While this particular U.K. resident looks set to enjoy his 30th birthday, it could end up being the last to bring a smile to his face.

According to a poll of 2,000 adults commissioned by Hollywood Bowl in 2016, on average Britons stop celebrating their birthdays by the age of 31.

The survey found that after that, most adults only really celebrate milestone birthdays at 40, 50 or 60 while nearly have admitted they have had a birthday pass them almost completely because they have chosen not to acknowledge it publicly.

Things might be different in the U.S. but there are still plenty of husbands igniting social media storms as a result of thoughtless or ill-timed actions.

For example, one man recently drew criticism after detailing how he upgraded his ticket to business class for a long-haul flight to Japan but left his wife back in economy.

It's not all bad news though. In a surprise twist another married man ended up receiving widespread support online after telling his stay-at-home wife she is responsible for the majority of chores around the house.

An upset woman and her family.
Stock image of an upset woman and her family - a husband has been praised for being truthful about what he wants to do on his birthday. JackF/Getty