Husband Laughs After Taping 'Cops' Over Wedding VHS in Viral Video

A video has surfaced on social media purporting to show the moment a husband of 30 years discovered he had recorded over his wedding video with an episode of Cops.

The clip was posted to TikTok by runningonions, where it has already been viewed 14.2 million times. In the video, an on-screen caption explains: "It's my parent's 30th wedding anniversary and my mom wanted to watch the tape but my dad taped COPS over it."

The accompanying footage shows the beginnings of what appears to be a wedding video being played on a television set.

A couple can be seen walking down the aisle on the TV screen before the footage suddenly cuts to the intro to the hit 1990s reality series Cops, accompanied by the show's iconic opening theme "Bad Boys" by Inner Circle.

At this point, the person filming the TikTok video pans the camera over to where a man, evidently the aforementioned "dad", can be seen covering his head with his hands while laughing hysterically.

The clip can be viewed in full here.

While the veracity of the events portrayed in the clip are debatable, the apparent blunder nevertheless struck a chord with many on social media.

Accidents of this kind could and often did happen in the heady days of VHS cassettes, which were the only way of recording and catching up with otherwise missed TV shows in the era before online streaming and digital recording.

Commenting on the clip, one user writing under the name Fright Night recalled his own family's epic VHS blunder: "My mom taped over my 5th birthday party with the O.J. Simpson trial."

Another, posting as Casey, claimed their dad recorded over his birth video with an episode of "When Animals Attack" while liv said her father taped over their holiday videos with episodes of "Survivor."

Elsewhere, Amber said: "Imagine how nervous he got when your mom said she wanted to watch their wedding video knowing that he taped Cops over it."

Whit, meanwhile, branded the mistake "the most dad thing I've ever witnessed" with Diana Interiano agreeing it was "such a dad thing to do."

One woman, writing as Rachel Kindred, commented: "This isn't funny, it's sad." She was, however, in the minority in that respect with Matt Mitchell among those to praise the hilarity of the mistake. "I have never laughed harder at a TikTok," he declared.

Another TikToker posting as Antti, meanwhile, described the clip as the "90s in a nutshell."

According to one response from the original poster, runningonions, the wife of the husband who accidentally taped over their wedding day "was upset but got over it."

"Worse things in life to be upset about," they wrote.

Newsweek has contacted the original poster for comment.

Dads have been all over TikTok and Reddit in recent days.

Earlier this week, Newsweek reported on one father who hit upon a unique method for removing a popcorn kernel that had become lodged in his daughter's nose: but not everyone was happy about it.

Meanwhile, another dad has earned the backing of the internet after insisting his son's stepdad pay to replace an Xbox games console which he threw in a swimming pool.

A VHS recorder and a police officer.
Stock image of a VHS video tape/stock image of a police officer making an arrest - a video has gone viral purporting to show a wedding video which was recorded over with an episode of the hit series Cops. Photodisc/IPGGutenbergUKLtd/Getty

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