Husband's Reaction to List of Men His Wife Would Prefer to Date Goes Viral

A wife created a professional Powerpoint presentation revealing all the men she would replace her husband with, and her other half's reaction is priceless.

Karen Mele drafted the slideshow of celebrities, similar to what transpired in a Friends episode in the third season, in which the pals draw up a list of stars they're allowed to sleep with.

Her son, Joe, shared the video of her showing it to her husband to his TikTok account. His dad's hilarious reaction was watched more than 18 million times.

Karen sets up the laptop and starts by reading out the title to her husband, Frank, saying: "Men that I would replace my husband with."

"Yeah I know how this goes Karen it's going to say no one," Frank replies.

But he's wrong as Karen immediately goes to the first slide, which has a topless photo of Chris Hemsworth, followed by Robert Downey Jr. and then Chris Evans.

Clearly unimpressed, Frank asks: "What, you got all The Avengers on here?"

"No, I also have Jason, Gerard, Dwayne," Karen says as she skips through the slides, showing actors Jason Momoa, Gerard Butler and Dwayne Johnson.

Unimpressed, Frank asks: "What are you on a first-name basis with these guys? Who's next?"

Things start to look up on the next slide, as Karen finally includes a snap of her own husband.

"See I've got you on there," Karen says.

But then Frank skips to the next slide, revealing Black Panther actor Michael B. Jordan.

That's the last straw for Frank, who cries: "Great. How do I compete with that?"

Even his son Joe admitted his dad had no chance when compared to Jordan.

Joe added: "I'm sorry pops... You can't compete with Michael B. Jordan."

While Frank debated: "Maybe I should grow a beard."

The Mele family have a tradition of making tongue-in-cheek slideshows for each other as part of their ongoing prank war, but Frank's hilarious reaction has proved a hit with fans.

Valerie Espinoza joked: "He was hanging on by a thread and then Michael B. Jordan pushed him off it."

Persia agreed, writing: "The Michael B. Jordan one took me out."

Allie quipped: "She really said Avengers Assemble."

While Christian wrote: "She got the whole Marvel line up on there."

Elyssa Joy thought: "That's a pretty good list."

Agreeing, Niall is still in the box commented: "Well she does have good taste in men tho."

TikToker Lagunesanna pointed out: "The way it just kept going hahaha."

While Mia Flynn added: "Remind me to make one of these when I get married to depress my husband."

Actor Michael B. Jordan speaking
Michael B. Jordan speaking at the 2021 African American Film Critics Association's Awards Ceremony broadcast on April 07, 2021. A husband's priceless reaction to a list of men his wife would rather have married, including Michael B. Jordan, is going viral. AAFCA 2021/Getty Images