Husband Says Wife Believed a False Fact About 'The Christmas Song' for Years in Viral Post

A post has gone viral on Reddit after one man shared that a small trick he played on his wife 15 years ago came back to "bite him" this week.

Redditor, u/UncleCoyote wrote about the seemingly small white lie he told his wife 15 years ago on the subreddit "TIFU" (Today I F**ked Up) in a post now voted on over 15,000 times.

He wrote that all those years ago the couple was taking a drive when his wife decided to sing "The Christmas Song" over and over again. He then decided to play a trick on his wife "just to be funny."

"When she got to 'Jack Frost nipping at your nose,' I blanched and asked her why she was singing THAT song, in an absolutely mortified voice," he wrote.

He said he then went on to make up a "dark past" about Jack Frost, who in his version was "the name of a mental patient from the 20's who broke out of an Asylum during a Christmas break and went around devouring faces, particularly noses, to which he had acquired a taste for."

Earlier this month another Reddit post went viral when someone asked, "What were the dumbest lies you believed when you were a kid?" in the "Ask Reddit" forum, Newsweek reported.

Answers varied from believing their parents had "cork-sized" cameras covering the house to believing the sound a drain makes in a tub as water empties was a monster that "would suck you in as well."

In the post from u/UncleCoyote, he said that his wife bought the lie and was "horrified that people would sing about it."

He said the charade blew up in his face recently when while getting ready to clear the couple's driveway of snow he began to sing the familiar song. He said his wife began to "chastise" him in a "teasing voice."

"I had NO idea what she was talking about," he wrote. "She then confides that Jack Frost, the serial nose biter had forever ruined that song for her, and she can no longer stand it. I laugh and explain that I was teasing that day, and I honestly didn't think she believed me."

He said his wife did not laugh. In fact, she was mad.

He wrote that she revealed that in the years since he initially told her the lie she has been sharing the "fact" with "anyone who would listen."

"She's mad and a little hurt, and I am apparently the King of Lies who is never to be trusted again," he wrote.

Commenters, on the other hand, got a kick out of the couple's spat.

"Something that outrageous and nobody corrects her for 15 years? I'm sorry, the extra time makes it extra hilarious, can't help but be proud of you," one person commented.

Christmas Carols
In a now viral post, a Redditor shared that 15 years ago he told his wife a false origin story of "Jack Frost." Above, carolers at Christmastime. DGLimages/Getty Images

Redditor u/UncleCoyote responded to the comment, saying, "I guess she told it with such pride and vigor and excitement, that she just SOLD the lie. I'm a little proud too."

On Reddit, u/UncleCoyote told Newsweek that while his wife was initially annoyed that "the world would think she was stupid," she has since found the humor in it and realizes no one knows her identity.

"She's not tech-savvy so she thinks Reddit is just a 'silly website' and nothing to concern herself with," he said.

In an edit to the post, he said his wife had forgiven him.

"She's forgiven me, feels stupid, and now...," he wrote."I have to explain to her what Reddit is, and how this is my top submission, so I'm not out of the doghouse yet."

Update 01/21/2022, 10:10 a.m. ET: This story was updated with a comment from u/UncleCoyote.

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