Husband Who Pushed Wife Off Cliff During Honeymoon Is Jailed for 18 Years

A sexual predator was sentenced to 18 years in prison on Tuesday for pushing his wife off a cliff during their honeymoon in Bali.

The 49-year-old man from Zele, northern Belgium, named by the court as Kris P., married the woman, who was identified only as N.D., in 2019. The couple went on their honeymoon in August that year.

She told the judge in Dendermonde, East Flanders, that her husband had forced her to climb a steep rock on the Indonesian island. She refused at first, so he pulled her up, she said. Once at the top she tripped. Instead of helping her, he pushed his wife off the rock. N.D. miraculously survived after falling into the sea, battling the current and swimming towards the nearest shore.

"He wanted to have sex with her one last time, drank another glass together and then took her to the cliffs," the judge said. "And that despite the fact that his wife was afraid of heights. He knew there were dangerous rocks there, because they had been there before. When they got to the place, he took her firmly by the hand and pushed her into the dark sea."

The court heard that Kris P., who had denied any wrongdoing, had been planning to murder his wife because she had found out that he had sexually abused her underage daughter.

"He made her keep a diary during the trip in which she had to write how wonderful he was," the judge said. "The last time they had sex, he took a picture of it too. According to the victim, P. was very excited when they stood on the cliff. He clearly intended to kill his wife."

N.D. told Dutch news website AD: "I tied my leg, which was bleeding incredibly, with my underpants. The only thing that came through my mind at the time was: 'I have to survive this for my children.' I ended up on the beach purely on instinct, where tourists helped me. "

Kris P. was sentenced to 18 years for the attempted murder, as well as for raping and sexually assaulting his wife.

During the hearing, four of his former girlfriends testified that he had also abused and manipulated them.

"He saw his partners as subjects who had to obey his will," the judge said. "He humiliated and abused them.

"At first he came across as the ideal man, but as the relationship progressed he became obsessive, overly sexual, domineering and extremely jealous. He had a great fondness for aggressive and wild sex. He forced that with a heavy hand.

"He also took pictures during sex, which he threatened to distribute if the women disagreed. He forwarded such images to the daughter of one of the victims, when an ex-partner had ended the relationship," the judge added.

Kris P. was not present in court because he has contracted COVID-19.

Cliff face in Bali, Indonesia
A stock photo of a cliff in Bali, Indonesia. A Belgian man has been sentenced to 18 years in prison for pushing his wife off a cliff during their honeymoon on the island. Athanasios Gioumpasis//Getty