Protective Husky Filmed Defending Kitten 'At All Costs' Against Adult Cat

Cats and dogs don't always get along, but a video of a Husky protecting a kitten from its mother has gone viral on TikTok with over 2.4 million views.

In the video posted by @milkymutton, a tortoise shell cat can be seen grabbing one of its ginger kittens and bunny kicking it. A Husky quickly intervenes, poking the cat with its snout, until the cat eventually kicks it with her back leg. The caption reads: "My dog protects the kittens at all cost."

One user commented, "he/she knows those bunny kick ain't no joke."

Why Do Cats Bunny Kick?

Anyone who has been on the receiving end of a cats bunny kick knows that it's no laughing matter. Cats can change their mood in a second and it's impossible to predict—they can wrap their two front legs around your arm, and kick you with their back legs, claws out.

Husky and a kitten
A file photo of a Husky and a kitten. A husky came to one kitten's rescue. anurakpong/Getty Images

Hill's Pet nutrition argues that a bunny kick is "stealthy and potentially dangerous behavior... the cat bunny kick is both a tactical self-defense move and a hunting maneuver."

Even if you believe your cat is playing, the bunny kick is an aggressive move. Your cat may roll over and expose their stomach, but unless you know your cat is into belly rubs, it's possible they're just luring you in a false sense of security.

Your cat may not intend to harm you, however, as they cannot retract their back claws, if your cat starts bunny kicking then chances are you're getting scratched.


While you can't stop your cat from bunny kicking, you can redirect the behavior. Hill's suggests refraining from playing roughly with your cat. "Roughhousing, such as using your hand and/or arm as a chew toy, is not a good idea because it encourages hostile behavior" say Hill's. "Another way to discourage cat aggression is to provide your kitty with a stuffed animal (with or without catnip) that they can stalk and attack. (Your arm will thank you)."

CuteEmoji commented: "The last kick said "get out of our family business."

InIntheSTL said: "This is such a healthy relationship for everyone."

Aloha wrote: "My cat does the same exact kicking thing but to me."

Newsweek has reached out to @milkymutton for comment.

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