K-Pop Fans Convinced HyunA and Dawn Are Engaged After Show of Rings on Instagram

K-Pop star HyunA and rapper Dawn have sent their fans into a frenzy after seemingly confirming their engagement.

The couple, who have been together for five years, took to Instagram on Thursday, February 3 to share identical videos that showed their hands intertwining with what appeared to be engagement rings on their fingers.

In his post Dawn (Kim Hyo-jong) shared the caption "Marry Me," while HyunA's (Kim Hyun-ah) Instagram post appeared to give her response to the question with the caption "of course yes."

Newsweek have reached out to HyunA and Dawn's representatives at P Nation for further comment.

Both HyunA and Dawn were seen wearing iridescent rings and matching gold bands in the video, and a second image showed both of the rings in individual boxes.

Fans of the couple shared their delight at the couple seemingly confirming their engagement and showered them with congratulatory messages.

On their Instagram post, one fan wrote: "WHEW IM BAWLING MY EYES OUT, CONGRATULATIONS!! [sic]."

While another wrote equally as excitedly: "YESSSS LETS GOOO CONGRATULATIONS TO BOTH OF UUU."

Another fan of both musicians shared the comment: "Wait mom and dad are getting married?????????!!!!!! [sic]"

Although many fans congratulated the pair on their apparent engagement, some questioned whether it was real.

One person asked on HyunA's post "THIS IS REAL?", while another said on Dawn's Instagram: "I swear to God if this isn't legit I'm crying."

HyunA and Dawn first went public with their relationship in 2018, which prompted the label she was in at the time, Cube Entertainment, to terminate her contract in October that year, per BBC.

A statement from the company read: "We sincerely thank the artist who has been with us until now and fans once again."

HyunA had been a part of the company since 2009, having appeared in K-Pop groups 4Minute and Wonder Girls during her tenure there, as well as trio TripleH alongside Dawn, then E-Dawn, and his fellow Pentagon singer Hui.

Dawn, who was also signed with Cube Entertainment, had his contract terminated a month later and he left boyband Pentagon in order to go solo. The couple then signed with Psy's P Nation label in 2019 and have remained open about their relationship publicly ever since.

During a joint appearance on the Korean Variety Show Knowing Bros the couple spoke about their romance, and HyunA said she was the first to be interested in Dawn and had been aware of him since his days as a trainee.

At P Nation the couple worked on the song "Party, Feel, Love" together, which appeared on HyunA's album "I'm Not Cool" and on September 9, 2021 HyunA and Dawn released the collaboration album "[1+1=1]".

Of working on the album together, Hyuna said at a press conference, per KoreaJoongAngDaily, that they were a "good fit" together.

She said: "When we first moved to P Nation, I told myself I'll never release an album together with Dawn.

"But I guess you should never say never. I was actually surprised how Dawn and I's chemistry was spot-on while we were working on '1+1=1,' and the chemistry between us combined together is just like the title of the EP; we show ourselves as it is and that blends into one good fit."

While discussing filming the music video for their title track "Ping Pong," Dawn said of HyunA: "When I saw how captivating the look in her eyes was during filming, I was inspired to reach her level of stage presence but I'm still trying to figure out how she does it. I don't think I'll ever be able to fully catch up with her. To me, she feels like the ultimate muse that gives inspiration to everyone."

HyunA and Dawn
Former member of girl group 4minute, HyunA and singer Dawn (Kim Hyo-jong) attend the photocall for N21 on August 06, 2019 in Seoul, South Korea. On Thursday, February 3, the couple appeared to confirm their engagement with fans on Instagram. Han Myung-Gu/WireImage