'I Am Jazz' Episode 10 Sneak Peek: Jazz Mentors Young Transgender Girls, Shares Experience Of Confirmation Surgery

TLC's hit reality show I Am Jazz returns Tuesday night with conversations among transgender and transphobic individuals. 

After making his introduction a couple of weeks ago, it was discovered last week that Jazz's new boyfriend, Ahmir, comes from a not-so-supportive family. Ahmir's mother repeatedly misgendered Jazz in conversations with her son and said that he must be gay because Jazz is a boy. 

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While extremely hurt, Jazz seemed to keep a level head and insisted on having a conversation with Ahmir's mother. On Tuesday's episode, Jazz will meet Ahmir's mother over the phone for the first time, and things are far from smoother sailing. 

Ahmir's mother suggested that her son was "not telling [Jazz] the truth." While it's not clear what his mother meant by that, it definitely looks like this conversation puts the young couple's relationship between a rock and a hard place. 

Aside from a conversation with a transphobic mother, tones change when Jazz sits down with young transgender girls. In a sneak peek clip obtained by Newsweek, Jazz joins her friends Charlie, Nicole and Emily in mentoring them in what to expect during gender confirmation surgery. 

"Jazz, to me, is such an inspiration," Charlie said to the camera. "Growing up, I didn't really have an advocate or anyone I looked up to as a transgender role model." 

While Jazz's mother, Jeanette, takes an approach of sparing the gruesome details of the complications during Jazz's surgery, the teen takes the transparent approach in sharing her experiences. 

"I want to share my surgery experiences with them because they're about to be going through the same thing," Jazz said to the camera. "I want them to know what it was like for me, but I also don't want to freak them out." 

Jazz's friend, Nicole, said her surgery would take place in "about a year," however, it looked like Charlie was waiting awhile due to persecution at school.

"I'm looking to do my surgery after I graduate high school because school is really hard," Charlie told Jazz. "People were bullying me. People would call me and threaten me, so it's a lot right now to tackle all of that." 

Jazz then became very candid in her "not-so-great" surgery experience. Talking about her complications and her "vagina unraveled," Nicole voiced her appreciation for her transparency. 

"I'm happy that Jazz is sharing what happened to her and her complications," Nicole said to the camera. "She has been so honest with everyone for so long, why hide this?" 

Through the complications of her confirmation surgery, Jazz also encouraged her friends on how she remained positive through the seemingly negative experience. 

"I believe that everything is mind over matter," Jazz said to her friends. "At the end of the day, it was more of a positive experience than a negative experience, because even though it was rough and there were some really low moments–"

"You got a vagina," Charlie completed. 

Find out what happens next when I Am Jazz airs Tuesday night at 9 p.m. ET on TLC. 

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