'I Am Jazz' Episode 11 Sneak Peek: Jazz Is Getting 'Mixed Messages' From Ahmir Following Explosive Conversation With His Mother

Last week's episode of I Am Jazz brought a tense phone call between Jazz, Ahmir and his "transphobic" mother. Saying that her son is "not telling the truth," Ahmir stormed out of the room and things looked to be at the cusp of a breaking point between the young couple. 

I Am Jazz returns Tuesday night was a conversation between Jazz and her close friends. Since returning from New York, the transgender teen revealed she is getting "mixed messages" from her boyfriend. 

"I just need to tell him how I'm feeling," Jazz said to the camera. 

The tension between the two may have even caused Jazz to become interested in pursuing other romantic relationships. In the sneak peek clip obtained by Newsweek of Tuesday's episode, Jazz is at the beach with friends and wonders whether it is "bad" to take notice of the attractive boys. 

"I just feel this urge within me to put myself out there more," the teen said to her friends. "Now that I'm confident in my body and in myself." 

"I really like what I have with Ahmir," Jazz added. "Part of me wants to continue building with him, but another part of me wants to build with others. How can I have both?" 

While the teen may be looking to dabble in an open relationship, she described her boyfriend as a "monogamist dude," and will probably not be too keen on having Jazz explore other partners. 

Though her friends are supportive of Jazz exploring new relationships, one friend is questioning her readiness for a relationship in general. 

"If you have a boyfriend and you're thinking about other people, maybe your not ready for a relationship," the friend told Jazz. 

"Jazz is just now in her first relationship and I know she's trying to figure out how everything works," she added to the camera. "It's all a learning experience and I feel like Jazz should have the chance to explore what's out there." 

It's not clear whether this is looking like the end of the road for the young couple, however, find out what happens next when I Am Jazz airs on TLC Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET. 

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