'I Am Not Okay With This' Comic: All the Big Changes the Netflix Series Made to the Graphic Novel

Many fans of I Am Not Okay With This on Netflix have made it to the end of the series and are looking to spend more time in the world by seeking out the Charles Forsman graphic novel that the show is based on. Those readers, however, are in for a shock, as the comic is very different (and crucially, much darker) than the Netflix show.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the ending of both the I Am Not Okay With This graphic novel and Netflix series.

From the early section of the I Am Not Okay With This comic, the plot is much grimmer and darker, with Sydney (played in the Netflix show by Sophia Lillis) having even more to deal with than in the TV version. As viewers will know, at the start of the show Syd is dealing with the fact that her father has killed himself as a result of his PTSD. In the comic, however, Syd kills her father, after he telepathically pleads with her to take his life.

In the TV version of I Am Not Okay With This, Syd does not kill anyone until the ending of the show, when she explodes Brad's (Richard Ellis) head after he steals her diary and reads it out at the homecoming dance. Though she also kills him in the graphic novel, ironically it is a much less graphic death, with Brad giving him an aneurysm. However, yet again the graphic novel is darker⁠—Syd comes to kill Brad after he puts Dina (Sofia Bryant) in the hospital.

i am not okay with this comic
The relationship between Syd and Stanley is very different in the "I Am Not Okay With This" graphic novel Netflix

I Am Not Okay With This the graphic novel, however, also ends with an exploding head. In its controversial ending, Syd blows up her own head as her mounting depression and guilt over Brad's death consume her.

The Netflix version, however, has Syd living at the end of the season. Part of this is surely to allow the show to come back for a second outing, but Forsman's ending has also been criticized for its graphic depiction of suicide. Speaking to Vulture about the ending of his graphic novel, he said: "I've been called out for that ending. I'm sure people have experienced suicide in their life and to see that depicted, some people think it's irresponsible and I totally get that. In the new printing of the book, I added information in the back for a suicide hotline [but] I wasn't ready to change the ending."

Not every difference between the graphic novel and series is so dark, however. There are some big changes to the character of Stanley (Wyatt Oleff), for example, who in the book is a stoner slacker with a smaller part and a much worse sense of style. The graphic novel Stanley does smoke drugs with Syd as in the series, but in the comic they have a much more sexual relationship as Syd tries to ignore her feelings for Dina. In the show, Syd and Stanley only have sex once before their relationship evolves into a more friendly one.

Some scenes, however, are taken directly from the I Am Not Okay With This comic. For example, Syd's battle with thigh pimples comes straight from the graphic novel, and many of the shots from the series come straight from the panels of the comic. Forsman said of this: "The way he's [director Jonathan Entwistle] talked about it, he sees my work as already storyboarded out. You can really see that in The End of the F***ing World [which Entwistle also adapted from a Forsman graphic novel] quite a bit. Some of the panels are exactly replicated on the screen.

I Am Not Okay With This is streaming now on Netflix.