'I Choose No. 3!': Happn User Mocked for Sharing Reasons Not to Date Him

In a new viral post, a user shared a dating app conversation that started off with a man listing the reasons why people don't date him.

Published to Reddit's r/Tinder forum, a person under the username u/caseybeaulieu shared a screenshot of a conversation they had with a Happn match. The viral post has over 21,000 upvotes and 1,000 comments.

The first message read, "So top 3 reasons people don't want to date me. 1. I am Jewish 2. I am vegan 3. I am pro-life." In response, the user wrote, "i choose number three!"

The debate on abortion has been a topic of discussion for decades. The news outlet Politico obtained a leaked draft of a decision that would see the Supreme Court voting to overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark decision legalizing abortion at a federal level. The news caused massive protests around the country between activists on both sides.

"As for the conversation, there was none before or after those two messages," u/caseybeaulieu said when speaking with Newsweek. She also confirmed that the conversation wasn't on Tinder, but on another dating app called Happn. "That was the first and only message he sent and i sent my one message back and that was it. there has been no interaction since and i don't care to pursue a conversation either."

"it was supposed to be light hearted. people will believe what they want to believe and i'm not going to hold that against them. honestly i just posted because i low key think i'm hilarious and i make myself laugh. so thank you to reddit for proving to me that i am actually funny, hopefully none of this is taken too seriously," she said.

User receiving awkward message on Tinder
A person shared a screenshot of a Tinder conversation they had where the man listed off reasons why people don't date him. fizkes/iStock / Getty Images Plus

The topic of abortion is also controversial in different sects of Judaism. A tweet thread from a Rabbi named Daniel Bogard recently went viral, where he describes why Judaism supports open access to abortion.

"In Exodus 21:22 we get a clear statement that a fetus is *not* a person: 'When men fight, and one of them pushes a pregnant person and a miscarriage results, but no other damage ensues, the one responsible shall be fined...This stands in sharp contrast with the next verse, which states that 'a life for a life, an eye for an eye. The Torah literally couldn't be more explicit: a fetus is not a human life," he wrote.

However, Rabbi Yaakov Menken argued against this stance in a Newsweek op-ed on the "Jewish Rally for Abortion Justice."

"The stated goal of the rally is to proclaim that 'Abortion access is a Jewish value, plain and simple.' Its real goal, however, is to gaslight broad swaths of the country, and to provide cover for secularist elites. The rally's organizers, sponsors and supporters wish to render the killing of a fetus a religious liberty 'right' and, at the same time, promote the dangerous fiction that a rational pro-life position violates the "separation of church and state," he wrote.

Reddit users were quick to comment.

"What a weird opening lol," u/Scape---Goat replied.

"Being Jewish and being pro life doesn't necessarily go together that well. In Jewish law the mothers life is always going to be considered more valuable than that of an unborn fetus," u/Horsemilks wrote, echoing the argument put forward by Rabbi Bogard.

U/Disastrous-Owl8985 questioned, "That whole first message is just bad. You're listing reasons people won't date you and you think it'll be attractive to someone?"

"Numbered list openers in general," said u/thanyou using red flag emojis.

"Men who think their opinion on abortion is so important that they have to include it in their opening on Tinder = unmatch," u/kommunia exclaimed.

Update 6/3/2022, 4:25 p.m.: This article has been updated to include comment from the original poster; also a change to the dating app in question.