'I Got Unmatched': Internet Slams Man Who Pretended to Scam Woman on Dating Site

The internet slammed a man whose flirting attempt was pretending to be a scammer to get a woman's phone number on a dating app.

In the viral post shared to the Reddit forum, r/tifu (Today I F***ked Up), the author u/Froyed shared his story on the failed attempt at flirting on Bumble. He explained matching with a woman with a good sense of humor. "For a change, she didn't start with a 'hi' or a 'hey', had actually read my bio, and was really funny." he wrote.

In hopes to find their perfect match, discover new connections for work, or even meeting new friends, many turn to Bumble. In a survey done by the app, 85 percent of its users are looking for meaningful relationships. According to Statista, there are over 2.86 million paying users around the world. On the dating app, women are the ones who make the first move when it comes to starting a conversation with a match, which puts the ball in their court.

The Redditor continued with story, saying that he thought things were going well. She recommended a funny story in the forum.

"I searched for the post, read the whole thing, and then replied no," he wrote. "So she sent me the link to the post and I told her that I was hoping that she would tell me the whole story herself and I'd pretend that I had not heard that story ever in my life," he revealed that he would have written a post in r/TIFU for her to see a post she can relate to.

When he thought it was appropriate to ask for her phone number, he didn't want to seem boring so he tried something bold.

"Hey, this seems to be going well," u/Froyed said. "It seems like we're at a stage where you can share your mother's maiden name, pet's name, and the last 4 digits of your debit card number."

The man was hoping she'd say "no" so he could reply, "well, your number would do just fine," u/Froyed said.

About 10 minutes later, he revealed that he had been unmatched. In an update to the post, u/Froyed said that he's over the rejection but Reddit had some thoughts.

"I have a feeling it was not going as well as you thought it was..." u/Obi_Wan_Jabroni wrote.

"There's a reason you're single..." u/Quindarious_Anon said.

"I think OP did something else and is clueless as to why he actually got blocked. Otherwise, this match who apparently had a great sense of humor suddenly lost it and couldn't tell you were joking....maybe but unlikely." u/muttmunchies added.

Some users thought maybe the women would see the post and the man could try again.

"honestly if they reconnect it would be hilarious," u/bubapl said.

"I hope she sees this!" u/lovemypennydog cheered.

"at this point, it's pretty likely if she checks reddit daily. i hope she gets in touch with OP but then he screws it up again, so we get an update." u/HaroerHaktak replied.

The post now has 12,900 upvotes and over 500 comments.

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