I Just Called to Say I Love You

President Bush took a rare trip to Capitol Hill this morning to talk to GOP senators. Rarer still: he brought reinforcements. The veep, chief of staff Josh Bolten, national-security adviser Steve Hadley and political guru Karl Rove all showed up for a closed door Republican pep rally. The message: we care. Bush's pitch was all about the historic nature of their GOP struggle against jihadis, and Democrats. After all, they're all in this election together--or at least that's the image the White House wants to broadcast. Bush's team has been working harder to schmooze wary members of Congress, some of whom have wandered away from Bush over Iraq, immigration and other issues that aren't popular back home. But Bush also had tough words for the members about the recently disclosed National Intelligence Estimate on terrorism. "He said it's wrong to leak this stuff, and absolutely wrong to leak only a portion of it in order to imply something that is in fact misleading," said one GOP senator who was present but wouldn't be named talking about a private meeting. "It certainly wasn't all good news, but it was an honest evaluation done six months ago, of what challenges remain--not just in Iraq but around the world." Asked about the level of GOP anxiety over the upcoming elections, the senator paused for a moment. "Medium rare."