'I Think She's Mesmerized by His Shiny Head' Says Owner of Dr. Phil-Obsessed Cat

How far would you go to make your pets happy? One incredible cat owner proved the limit doesn't exist when she dressed as her cat's favorite pop culture icon to celebrate the animal's birthday.

The cat, named Dinah, turned five this week and owner Ellie Opdycke went all out to embrace the cat's true passion: Dr. Phil. In a TikTok video that wowed app users, Opdycke dressed as the famed television doctor to put a furry smile on Dinah's face.

Why Dr. Phil, you may wonder? Because Dinah attentively watches hours of the Dr. Phil Show every day in pure bliss. "I think she's mesmerized by his shiny head," Opdycke commented in the TikTok video.

Of course, Opdycke considered enlisting the help of the real Dr. Phil to surprise Dinah. But she admitted that didn't seem like a perfect plan in the midst of COVID. "It didn't seem realistic to try and get Dr. Phil out here, so I created an off-brand version."


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What happened next was truly iconic. Opdycke committed fully to her Dr. Phil version with a bald cap and Dr. Phil inspired look, including a long coat that was reminiscent of a suit.

With Dinah in her arms, Opdycke wished the cat a happy fifth birthday from the mouth of her (off-brand) hero, and seemingly made the cat's life complete. "That's complete joy on her face as you can see," Opdycke commented as Dinah meowed in approval. "Invite Dr. Phils to your birthdays today," she concluded.

Dr. Phil
Dr. Phil McGraw is honored with a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on February 21, 2020, in Hollywood, California. Getty/Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

As expected, TikTok viewers were in full support of the birthday surprise. They even tagged the real Dr. Phil multiple times in hopes the doctor would meet the cat for real, or at least duet the video. So far, no dice. What gives, doc?

For Opdycke, the response was shocking. "I can't believe how people are reacting to it," she told Newsweek.

Dinah's experience appeared to wow her, from the look of her giant eyes and mild confusion as the cat appeared to look at Dr. Phil, then around the room. After the adorable, starstruck moment, it's impossible not to fall in love with Dinah, even through a screen. Opdycke said Dinah didn't really believe Dr. Phil was in her midst, though. Could have fooled us!

The cat is the star of Opdycke's Instagram account, which shows her own take on TikTok trends, daily routines and more. Her love of Dr. Phil isn't Dinah's only quirk, either. Other videos show Dinah playing dress up herself, most recently stepping into a Panic! At The Disco inspired look.

While viewers are certain to love Dinah, cat lovers get a bonus with Opdycke's account. Dinah isn't the only cat in the family, so the adorable pet content is neverending.

This article was updated on 09/25/20 at 11:30 a.m. ET to include comment from Opdycke.

'I Think She's Mesmerized by His Shiny Head' Says Owner of Dr. Phil-Obsessed Cat | Culture