'I Was Being Treated as Second-Class': Man Subjected to Racial Slurs by NJ Neighbor

A Black man who has lived in the United States since 2017 was subjected to racial slurs from a white neighbor in New Jersey on Friday as the interaction was shared on social media.

Etchu Tanyoh Brandon Tambe of Mount Laurel, New Jersey, was seen in a viral video quarreling with his white neighbor, Edward Cagney Mathews.

In the nearly seven-minute video, Mathews can be seen harassing a couple in front of their home before Tambe heard the commotion and came to step in.

WARNING: Footage below contains disturbing and offensive language.

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According to NBC 4, police documents stated that the confrontation began when Mathews came knocking at their door demanding to see his neighbor's husband, who is Black. The wife answered the door and called the police, and Tambe came to interject.

Mathews is heard shouting things like "it's not Africa," and telling Tambe to learn the laws. He repeatedly shouts racial slurs at Tambe, calling him a "monkey" and the "N-word" multiple times.

Tambe told NBC 4 on Wednesday in an interview: "I felt I was being treated as someone who is second-class, someone who is not a true American and pretty much my service to this country doesn't matter."

Tambe serves in the United States Air Force, after moving from Cameroon to the U.S. in 2017. He became a U.S. citizen two years later.

"For me this is already home. This is home for me," Tambe said. "It strengthens my resolve to be in this country. There is a discussion that needs to keep happening. Do I want to make it better? Yes."

Following an investigation of the incident, Mount Laurel Police charged Mathews with harassment and bias intimidation, and the viral circulation of the videos over the weekend inspired additional charges of bias intimidation and assault.

According to NBC 4, Mathews' charges were placed on a summons by a municipal court judge to be heard at a future court appearance. He was then released from police custody on Friday.

Protesters gathered outside Mathews' home on Monday, and Burlington County Prosecutor Scott Coffina said at a news conference that the public had seen videos that weren't available to them on Friday when he had been taken into custody.

"The protesters had every right to be upset about that because this is despicable conduct," he said, NBC News reported.

Other neighbors had reported Mathews' alleged racist harassment in the past. Mount Laurel Police Chief Stephen Riedener confirmed with NBC 4 that his department had received complaints about Mathews prior to Friday's incident.

"We had investigated him several times," Riedener said. "But until this particular incident where the neighbors had video available from the ring cameras and things of that nature, we were finally able to get the evidence that we needed to actually charge him with the crimes he was committing."

Newsweek reached out to Mount Laurel Police for additional comment, but has yet to receive a response.

police car-NJ racial argument on video
Stock photo. A man was captured on video harassing his Black neighbors, calling them derogatory slurs and making racist comments in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. istock/Getty/bmcent1