'I Would Have To Be Restrained': Internet Eviscerates Parent For Adding Urine To Popsicles

Internet users were furious to learn that a user had been sneaking their own urine into their child's food after their shocking post in a urine therapy Facebook group went viral.

Posted in Reddit's r/insaneparents subreddit with the title, "I have several questions," a screenshot of the shocking Facebook post has received nearly 10,000 votes and sparked rage throughout a comment section from hundreds of angry parents. In the original post, as seen in Urine Magic, a Facebook group dedicated to the practice of urine therapy, one parent said they have been mixing urine and lemonade to make popsicles for their daughter.

"I've been adding half an ounce of my urine to lemonade and making it into popsicles for my daughter," the post reads. "She doesn't seem to notice and I can see the benefits already."

Later in the post, the parent revealed that they have been feeding the same popsicles to their daughter's friend without consulting their parents, but added that they are sure they will be "grateful" when the "improvement" in their child's cognitive abilities becomes "undeniable."

The Urine Magic Facebook group, which consists of 37,000 members, writes that urine therapy is a "naturopathic medicine & practice of drinking ones own urine for health, vitality & longevity." However, despite the practice's rising popularity, the benefit of drinking urine is unproven.

Lemon popsicles
One Facebook poster made waves when they said they've been adding their urine to lemonade and making it into popsicles for their daughter and her friend. jenifoto/iStock / Getty Images Plus

According to Healthline, drinking urine is not advisable, and can introduce harmful bacteria and toxins. Between gastrointestinal problems and other infections resulting from bacteria found in the urinary tract, and the kidneys suffering from excess strain because they are forced to filter out concentrated waste products, the dangers of ingesting urine are far greater than any perceived health advantages.

Still, the practice is growing in popularity and recently, it has become linked with certain anti-vax movements.

Over the weekend, Christopher Key, founder of anti-vax website Vaccine-Police.com, posted a video to his Telegram account explaining that drinking urine is the "antidote" to the COVID vaccine, according to The Daily Beast. In the video, Key, who AL.com reports was arrested and taken into custody in Birmingham, AL following an outburst towards Jefferson County District Judge Katrina Ross, said that the COVID vaccine is "the worst bioweapon" he has ever seen, and that urine therapy is its "antidote."

While AL.com maintains that "there is no scientific evidence to support Key's claims," and it has been proven that drinking urine is not beneficial in any way, groups like Urine Magic continue to grow and continue to draw the ire of the internet.

Responding to the screenshot of the original Facebook post, many Redditors were enraged by the author's shocking admission.

In the post's top comment, that has received 4.2K votes, Redditor u/Orphylia asked the Redditor who shared the screenshot to report the Facebook post.

"OP, if you actually know who that person is/know their Facebook name...report that sh*t to somebody, anybody, PLEASE," they wrote.

Redditor u/stopaskinifimbleedin said forcing your child and somebody else's child to unknowingly participate in urine therapy is against the law and questioned the parent's motive for it.

"This isn't just insane, this is illegal," they commented. "Who in their right f*****g minds would feed someone ELSES CHILD a pee popsicle?!?!?"

Receiving over 1,000 votes, Redditor u/OwlyFox added that they would not be able to control themselves if another parent fed their child urine.

"I would have to be restrained if someone told me they had fed urine to my kid," they wrote. "Because I would go insane."