ICE Breaking Into Home: 'We'll Show You the Warrant When We're Done'

Updated| Immigration officers forcing their way into a California home Tuesday told the occupants demanding a warrant: "we'll show you the warrant when we're done."

The officers for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) appeared to not show an arrest warrant they were serving on Alberto Alonso-Hernandez in videos made by his family acquired by KNSD, a San Diego based NBC and Telemundo affiliate.

The video shows ICE officers using a crowbar to break open the family's door with guns drawn as the repeatedly ask in English and Spanish for the police's papers. At one point an officer tells the suspect's 11-year-old daughter who is also asking for the papers "You've been watching too much movies." The officers eventually enter the National City, California home with a riot shield.

Federal authorities told KGTV, a San Diego ABC-affiliate, that they were serving a federal arrest warrant on Alonso-Hernandez, 31, for multiple incidents of entering the country illegally since 2013 and for a domestic violence conviction in 2014.

Depending on the warrant type, police do have a provision for a "no-knock warrant" allowing them to enter a premises without announcing their presence first, for a variety of reasons including the safety of the officers.

Brianna Alonso, the suspect's wife, told the television station that she was shown the warrant after her husband was in custody.

Alonso-Hernandez, allegedly ran back into the house once he spotted ICE officers, the organization told KGTV in a statement, heightening the need for precaution. The statement also said that an angry group of protesters further complicated the arrest.

"ICE legally obtained and properly executed a Federal criminal arrest warrant issued by the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California," the organization told Newsweek in a statement. "The suspect fled from the scene and hid inside his house, forcing the officers to obtain a criminal arrest warrant for illegally re-entering the United States. The warrant was issued by a federal judge and Mr. Alonso-Hernandez was taken into custody at his residence several hours later."

In a guide created by the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California, the organization tells people to ask ICE to see a warrant if they wish to enter a home.

This story was updated to include comment from ICE.