Ice Cube Tells Critics Not to Clump Him With Rappers Like Lil Wayne, He's Consulted the Experts

Ice Cube doesn't want to hear comparisons to Lil Wayne, Lil Pump, or Waka Flocka Flame. Before grouping him in with other rap stars, he wants you to know he did his homework before he spoke with Pres. Donald Trump when promoting the "Contract with Black America" to economically empower Black Americans.

Ice Cube
Ice Cube performing in Louisville, Kentucky, in 2019. Getty/Stephen J. Cohen

On Twitter, he noted consulting with scholars, economists, and politicians who have prominently worked toward the improvement of Black lives. He specifically listed Dr. Claud Anderson, Derrick Hamilton, Robert Jones, Dr. Boyce Watkins, and Andrew Young. He ended his note with, "Stop clumping me up with other people just cause they're rappers."

Here is Ice Cube's full tweet:

Late last month, the rapper and actor met with Trump and Jared Kushner, a move that was heavily criticized by many of his fans and members of the Black community. Ice Cube later said that meeting and expressing gratitude toward the administration was not an outright endorsement. He also said he wants to work with whoever wins the election but still wanted to praise Trump for at least taking the meeting and hearing him out.

His tweet today was itself a response to someone who said he and Lil Wayne lacked the proper knowledge to be discussing such matters with the president. The writer, Nava Moore, concluded with: "Celebs aren't excluded from discussing these topics but let those who have experience on the matter be the presenters."

Moore identifies himself on his Twitter account as a "Futurist, Stoic Student, Actor, Physics Content Creator." Here are his full thoughts on the matter, or at least all his thoughts that can fit into the character limits of a tweet:

Moore's own message was written to another Twitter user's response to the news that Lil Wayne met with Trump. That message was from Jamyle Cannon, who runs a nonprofit program in Chicago called The Bloc that teaches young people how to box in an effort to keep them on the right track in life.

Cannon wrote: "There are so many scholars, economists, activists, and community leaders Trump could've consulted to discuss a plan for Black America. But he talked to Ice Cube and Lil Wayne. Sounds legit."

Lil Wayne is the latest rapper to incite fans for praising the president. Yesterday, the Young Money star tweeted support for Trump's "Platinum Plan," the White House's own proposal for economically uplifting Black Americans. After his own meeting with the president, Lil Wayne wrote that he "listened to what we had to say today and assured he will and can get it done."