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Streamer Ice Poseidon Crashes Car in Alaska, Claims He Was Shot At

On Thursday night, Paul “Ice Poseidon” Denino crashed his car in Seward, Alaska. He later claimed he was shot at, which caused him to lose control of the vehicle. The streamer, best known for controversial content and multiple SWAT encounters, tries his best to get “content” for the thousands who watch him on YouTube. Denino had planned to spend the night at the Hotel Seward, but the motel clerk was already receiving phone calls from the streamer’s fans. Denino’s fans tend to contact the places he visits to try and create a more interesting, and sometimes, dangerous experience. The whole event was captured on Denino’s live stream.

Denino uses text-to-speech (TTS) donations on stream, where a robotic voice reads messages from viewers who donate money, saying them out loud through a speaker. The first TTS from a viewer during Thursday’s stream was a profanity-laced tirade, followed by another saying, “I have a bomb, run.” Denino claimed he heard a gun cocked behind a closed door before going silent for a second and saying “run.” Continuing to record and discussing what just happened in the parking lot, Denino and the stream-sniping viewer he was with started to drive away from the motel. All of a sudden, Denino sped up the car, asking, “Was that a shot?” Then he crashed the car and ran away on foot.

Shortly afterward, Denino tweeted that he was fine and managed to get a ride to the next town.

Local newspaper The Seward Journal interviewed Denino after the crash. “It’s definitely not fun sometimes, but it’s my job, and I try to deal with it,” the streamer said of the incident. “It’s how I make my money. I built this huge community of people, and I’m not going to give up on it because a couple of jerks want to try to ruin my life or get me killed.”

A staff member at the motel told the paper that the encounter was a “prankster getting pranked.”

Afterward, Denino claimed that a man carrying a rifle stepped out of the Seward Hotel, causing him to slam on the gas and crash into a ditch. The police arrived, giving Denino a sobriety test before letting him go. Denino said he planned to take the day off from streaming but would be back tomorrow.

Stunts like this only continue to grow Denino’s career. In April 2017, he was kicked off an airplane for a fan saying he had a bomb. It’s an inside joke among fans to make TTS donations to get Denino into trouble—they enjoy seeing him in awkward and sometimes dangerous social situations for “content” and their enjoyment.