Reddit Community Turns On Ice Poseidon Over Caroline Burt. Again

Paul "Ice Poseidon" Denino has a toxic relationship with his fan base. In January, Denino made a big fuss about ending his relationship with Caroline Burt, who his fans despised. The former Dash Dolls reality star turned streamer girlfriend was nicknamed "alien" and was blamed for the stream's fall in quality. After the break-up, fans believed this was a new Denino who was ready to offer all new types of content. The YouTube streamer's subreddit has now become a battleground after his fan base uncovered that he has been secretly seeing her and allegedly faked their whole break-up.

For the past month, Denino and a group of his most passionate stream snipers/friends like Dankquan, Asian Andy and Bjorn, have been traveling around the midwest in an RV looking for "content." The whole trip has been nothing but drama (as expected). Members of his crew got kicked off, left or even banned from Twitch. The gang recently spent time at Dreamhack Austin, where security was told to follow them and make sure there were no shenanigans. The RV then traveled to a resort in the middle of Texas, where Denino paid $3,000 for a room and the madness really started to unravel.

The whole debacle started after Burt's friend, Kbubblez, leaked that Denino was paying for both of their plane tickets to Texas. This caused Denino's community to flip out because they felt like they were getting lied to. The shit tsunami got even worse for Denino when a "fan" posted a conversation with Caroline where she admitted they were dating up until the day before and that the break-up was completely falsified. It's unclear how the clip ended up online, though a user in the comments claimed that someone spoofed (a trick that makes a phone think another number is calling it) the number of Asian Andy, one of Denino's RV cronies, to get the information but that's unproven.

At this point, tensions were at their highest, which is when Denino believes the best "content" happens. Burt, Kububblez and Denino start bickering by the poolside, eventually leading to a physical altercation between the two girls.

To try and clear the air about the situation, Denino rented a boat and left Burt behind because "they had a fight." He attempted to prove that they were no longer dating by bringing girls on the boat and claiming that he only has sex with Caroline "sometimes." When the group got back from the trip, they were told that they were being kicked out of their condo. Caroline had complained to security, who called the police who wrote them up for trespassing.

The gang was told that if they want to stay, they have to stay in their condo. Unfortunately they lost their key and Burt was tasked with going to management to find a replacement. She caused a huge commotion in the process, which led to security coming back again. Dankquan, one of Poseidon's streamers, recording the whole time, reaching over 20,000 concurrent viewers. After making it back inside, Denino says he wants Burt to leave but security can't do anything about it.

"The only way to make her leave is to make her uncomfortable," Denino says. He then calls in the streamers who have been broadcasting this whole debacle live to tens of thousands of people. Complaints started to roll in about Burt's "screaming" to the police, who come and escort her out of the room. Burt refuses to leave and the police become agitated. "Get your stuff, and get out," one officer says to Burt. The last we see of Burt on stream is her getting escorted out of the room by police.

A few hours later, she goes live on Instagram. "It made me look so bad," she repeats while bawling her eyes out. "It made me look fucking crazy."

Nobody in this situation came out unscathed. Denino comes off as a petty liar, harassing Burt (who he should have cut contact with months ago.) Burt looks needy and confused, unaware that Denino is merely using her for sex and would prefer she wasn't around. His stream is like Keeping Up with the Kardashians, a real-life reality show for edgelords online. Fans gossip about the on-camera stream snipers and drama on reddit, just like fans of Khloe, Kim and Kourtney. It's mindless entertainment.

It also attracts the worst type of fan. Denino's been swatted multiple times, including once while he was on a plane. On Monday, Buffalo Wild Wings Twitter account was hacked, spewing racist vile and "CX," Denino's trademark calling card. Denino's drama is a never-ending cycle: something horrible happens, fans react, more awful things happen and he gets more fan engagement.