If I Ruled the World: Photographer David Bailey

Photographer David Bailey at exhibition
Frazer Harrison/Getty

One law I would pass: I'd fix the copyright laws. I would make them more honest and less in favour of big companies and big publications.

Who I'd ennoble: Marie Curie cancer support nurses. Everybody knows nurses are overlooked.

One thing I would ban: Political correctness! It has taken away freedom of speech. You should be allowed to have an opinion. I'd also ban capital punishment because any country that has capital punishment can't call itself civilised.

Who I'd send to Siberia: I wouldn't send anyone to Siberia. That would turn them into martyrs.

Where I'd build my palace: I'm not sure I could afford a palace. If I could, it would be in London. Where else would you want to live?

The book every child would have to read: Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. It has everything. It has working class heroes and it is a journey. All good books are journeys.