IGN Plagiarism Update: All Filip Miucin Work Under Review as Allegations Rise

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IGN is reviewing the work of one of its former employees after allegations of plagiarism. IGN

IGN's plagiarism scandal began Aug. 7, after YouTube games channel Boomstick Gaming pointed out a striking number of similarities between its Dead Cells review and one posted by IGN's Filip Miucin. Since then, a cascade of scrutiny has befallen IGN and Miucin, with more cases of apparent plagiarism coming to light. A recent Forbes report cited cases of Miucin plagiarizing from sources ranging from Engadget and Nintendo Life to forum sites like neoGAF. Miucin himself has been vlogging his troubles (he was fired) and picking fights with Kotaku, notably News Editor Jason Schreier. And now it appears all of his work at IGN is being pulled for review.

To those asking - All of the author's scripted bylined content is being proactively removed for now, regardless of whether it was found to have an issue. Some of it may be restored later, some important coverage may be redone by other writers, and much of it will remain offline.

— Justin Davis (@ErrorJustin) August 15, 2018

IGN's plagiarism scandal is having a ripple effect throughout games journalism. Some try to argue that with so much content being produced there's bound to be overlap, but it's hard to give the Miucin case the benefit of the doubt when so many borderline incidents keep surfacing. And any editor who has dealt with a plagiarist before will tell you that the first time one gets caught is rarely the first time he's done it. A thorough review of Miucin's work is part of IGN's editorial duty at this point, though it remains to be seen how (or if) they make amends with writers who had their content repurposed.