'Ignorant' Buyer Dragged for Wanting Artist to Remove Their Signature

The internet has slammed a buyer for wanting the artist they bought from to remove their signature off the art piece.

Published to Reddit's AmITheA**hole forum, an anonymous user named u/Positive-Ad-5418 wrote to the "AITA" community to see if they were in the wrong. The viral post has 2,000 upvotes and 1,000 comments.

The Redditor explained that they recently bought artwork from an artist they like. Upon receiving their order, they loved it. However, they didn't like how the artist put their signature at the bottom.

"To be fair, it is small, off to the corner, not very noticeable. I just feel that it is unprofessional, as I commissioned them the artwork does not belong to them anymore," they wrote.

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Artist painting
The internet has dragged a buyer on Reddit's "AmITheA**hole" forum after insisting the artist removes their signature from the piece the Redditor bought. gorodenkoff/iStock / Getty Images Plus

The artist explained to the buyer that they do not remove their signature unless they pay an extra fee for "commercial rights." The Redditor tried to reason with them and send them $5 to remove it as they were upset that they shouldn't have to pay that to begin with.

"They refused and I had essentially told the artist that if they don't remove it then I will simply photoshop it out myself (considering that it's mine, I can do what I please with it). They then informed me that I will be blacklisted from commissioning them if I do so. Spoiler alert, I did it and now i am not to mention blocked from then as well," they concluded.

Other members of the Reddit forum were quick to drag the buyer in the comment section.

U/ZECheer asked, receiving the top comment with over 14,000 upvotes, "[You're the A**hole]. Do you want the author's name removed from a book when you buy it?"

"OP is ignorant," u/blarryg said, "you violated [Terms of Service] and the artist can sue you ... which would be funny, but probably a waste of time. Just stop bothering artists OP."

"[You're the A**hole]. A commission does NOT mean it's scrubbed of origin or attribution. Artwork that is sold still retains attribution to the artist," u/thirdtryisthecharm exclaimed.

U/NurseBoulder said, "[You're the A**hole]. Big time. I'd write more, but I bet OP wouldn't read it!"

"[You're the A**hole]. Some artists will remove their sig from commissioned work, but it was in the [Terms of Service] you would not, and you signed anyway. This is standard. Commissioning art does not mean you automatically own the right to use it commercially. You have a lot to learn about commissioned art and how to respect artists," u/Crisis_Redditor explained.