Several Employees Fired From Illinois Business Over Racist Video Shared on Social Media

A number of employees at an auto repair shop in Illinois have been fired in connection to racist videos which were filmed during working hours and posted on social media.

Chuck Nolan, longtime manager of the Sooper Lube shop in Joliet, announced that several of his employers have been fired after he was made aware of the videos which "in no way reflects the opinions and values of this company."

In the clips, which were posted on Snapchat, the workers can be seen making a series of derogatory remarks against black and Hispanic people, as well as mocking one African American fellow employee.

One man filming the video asks another worker: "Illegal immigrants are people too, what do you have to say to them?"

"No the f*** they're not," he replies.

The worker also takes a shot of him flashing an O.K hand sign, a gesture which has recently been added the Anti-Defamation League's database of hateful symbols due to its association with white supremacy.

Nolan wrote on Facebook: "First, I want to apologize to any and all persons who were offended by this video. I want to let all of you know that neither Sooper Lube, Inc. nor I will tolerate this kind of behavior, attitudes and opinions by any of our employees or management staff.

"Second, Sooper Lube, Inc. takes this matter very seriously and we will continue to provide the highest level of service and car care for our customers, for which we are know throughout the Joliet and Will County area."

The video was reportedly brought to Nolan's attention by Joliet Central High School social studies teacher Ernest Crim, who is also a public speaker and activist in the community, according to Patch.

In a statement while sharing the video, Crim praised the manager for immediately taking action against his employees.

"This is commendable, to me, because I've seen countless situations where employers make excuses for their employees waiting for an 'investigation' or whatever. Like I said yesterday about #AmberGuyger, this should be the norm; unfortunately it's not," he wrote on Facebook in reference to the Dallas Police officer recently found guilty of murdering a black man inside his own apartment.

"On another note, this incident sheds light on how institutional racism could operate. Had these 'gentlemen' not posted this online, they'd still have a job," he added.

"People like this work in every industry in America and can impact our lives greatly; especially if they have jobs in our judicial system, schools or even as physicians. How do we know they didn't discriminate against black and brown customers, for instance?"

Nolan has been the manager of the Sooper Lube business for the past 32 years.

Sooper Lube
Several workers at the Sooper Lube shop in Joliet, Illinois, have been fired after racist vidoes were posted on social media. Google Maps